Larry McGraw

I received notification of a special moment in the life of one of our District IX coaches. Perhaps even more noteworthy is that the recognition comes from one of his former wrestlers. So, edited somewhat for brevity - but not for content - you will find below a tribute to a great coach from one of his own.  
Congratulations to Larry McGraw on getting his
200th dual meet win! He collected it against Kane on Saturday Feb 14 with a 41-24 win. As a former Baguba wrestler, I would like to say that Coach Mcgraw is one of the most unrecognized coaches in the district. He took a team 3 years ago with 7 starting freshman and turned them into a powerhouse with losses only to Ridgway and Brookville. Last year he had one of his best teams ever going 12-3. This year despite giving up 4-5 forfeits every match they were 7-6 on the season. The last two years the Bagubas have finished 3rd in the district tournament.   Sincerely, Bryan Bresslin

District IX Cameron County