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Recent Postings (in inverted order - newest stuff on top) : COMMENTS to EDITOR
2002 News through the end of November.
11/04/02 - St. Mary's schedule posted.
Kane schedule posted
Dubois roster/ coaching changes posted
Bradford schedule posted
* Rules interp meeting was tonight. Ye Olde Editor attended the District VII meeting @ Brashear HS. Will post a summary later, but it's going to be an interesting season folks. It would be a good idea to start including a summary of the rules changes in your programs, otherwise there will be a LOT of confused fans out there. There have been changes! PA has adopted the National Rules Book in its entirety, with one exception. There can be no designated "other person" for weigh-ins - the referee MUST do weigh-ins.
11/03/02 - Clarion schedule posted - coaching changes noted.
Dubois schedule posted.
Coudersport schedule posted (and roster)
Punxsy coaching changes posted - no schedule yet.
* There are several openings for the Mid Season Classic Tournament. The date is January 18 and we presently have 13 teams that came last year. Teams interested can contact
Randy Cathcart.
* The District IX Hall of Fame Committee is looking for some nominees for this year. It can be a past wrestler, coach, contributor or whatever. The Committee would like to have 8-9 nominees and let everyone vote on-line through the website.

* On Sunday, October 27th, Brian Belcher was injured during a wrestling match. He had a severe neck injury and underwent emergency surgery to reconstruct the vertebrae in his neck. Only time will tell if he will regain feeling from his neck down.
Brian is a freshman at Mt. View and a 2002 District 2 Jr. High Champion. He is the only freshman starter on Mt. View's undefeated soccer team. His family would never ask for help, however, they could use all of the help and prayers they could get.
A recovery fund has been set up for donations. Please talk to your booster clubs, varsity teams and friends.
Donations can be sent to:
"Brian Belcher Recovery Fund"
Pennstar Bank
Lenox Branch
Routes 92 & 106
Kingsley, PA 18826
Any help would be appreciated.

If you have any questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to e-mail me or phone (570) 756-3619.
Thank you.
Mike Panasevich
Mt. View Wrestling

* Clearfield's Brad Pataky is ranked preseason # 6 in the nation at 103lbs by Amateur Wrestling News. Go to and click on the link for "High School Individual".
Brad is also ranked # 6 out of all sophomores and freshman in the nation by WrestlingUSA: and is ranked # 13 in the nation overall:
* Brockway's Scott Rendos is ranked # 14 out of all juniors in the nation at 145 by Wrestling USA:
10/30/02 - Ridgway schedule in place.
10/29/02 - Clearfield schedule posted as well.
18th Annual Clearfield Elem/ JH Tourney info posted.
* Interesting opportunity for overseas competition. [Well, the WORD file didn't work. Try this - converted to HTML] -
George Sports Exchange.
3rd Annual Gene Mills Tourney info and Entry Form.
* Starting to work on the 02-03
Calendar - files are in place, but largely blank. Will enter the Redbank and Clearfield data.
10/28/02 - Redbank schedule is posted. First one in. Send 'em in if'n you want to see 'em.
10/18/02 - A new tournament available. 3rd Annual Gene Mills. Info. Application.
Randy Cathcart steps down at Clarion; Lee Weber (Punxsy) takes over at Clarion; Eric Eddy (Oswayo Valley) takes over at Punxsy. Any other changes out there?
* Nice story on
Kurt Angle
6/16/02 - 4th Annual Clearfield Fall Brawl
4/28/02 - Wanna go on the road? Try the San Diego Holiday Invitational!
4/20/02 - Two summer camp opportunities...
* Coach Robbie Waller has a Summer Camp - details at the link here.
* USA Wrestling has a new comprehensive developmental camp system. The camps are designed for the serious wrestler who wishes to achieve elite status.
There are six camps, each geared towards the campers ability, from the Open development Camp to the East and West Coast Select Development to the Elite 250 and the 2008 Junior Olympic Super Elite 80 Camp, and new this year, a Women's Development Camp. If you know any athlete that can benefit from these camps, you can nominate , or register them on line. Some of these camps are by invitation only, and they are filling up. Don't miss this All-star cast of Kevin Jackson, Steve Fraser, Lincoln McIlravy, Mike Houck, Lee Kemp, and many more! For more information contact us at web site
USAWrestlingCamps or call 612-746-5054. GOLD MEDALS START HERE! - USA Wrestling Camps staff
4/11/02 - Posted the RV Christmas Tournament Archive of Past Placewinners
4/8/02 - I've received a number of Parting Comments. Thank you all. I officially end my time at Redbank Valley and will continue to work the site up until then - and as time allows after that, until a new webmaster surfaces!
* VOLUNTEERS? Job description: manages a web page for all of District IX, including 19 area schools - coordinate a calendar, post results on all dual meets and tournaments, and generally transmit information of interest to the fans of D9 Wrestling! Can involve as much as two to fours hours a day in the height of season. Pay: zero. Satisfaction: immense. Sufficient contributions have been received to fund the upgraded Tripod service for about half a year - the Redbank Valley Wrestling Club is contributing enough to fund another full year past that.
* If you haven't seen it yet, there is a new page up for the
Redbank Valley Fast Fall Club. This is our first entry into the world of "Frames" pages and it came out pretty well.
* From the AmateurWrestling Fan Addicts List: "I was just thinking about this article and your post the other day.  We don't have a Mike Tyson type "hero"...we just have Cael.  We don't have riots after our wrestling teams win National Championships.....just satisfaction from a job well done.  We don't have people dying every year while they are doing our sport....just four deaths that we will pay for as if the number were a thousand.   Maybe we should develop a "hero" like Tyson for our sport?  Cael would have been a better interview on the Tom Arnold Show if he could have told about a shooting he was involved in, or denied some domestic abuse charges.  He would have been more interesting if he would have cussed Tom out and talked some trash about Dan Gable.   Maybe we should have a group that goes around and stages riots on the campus of whatever team wins the Championship.  This would get us in the "News" more.  It is too bad that, seemingly, ugliness is what it takes to get recognized.  Like you, I would not minimize the little girls death at the Hockey game, but SI chose the ugly over the good.  They had a chance to put the ultimate winner on the cover.  They had a chance to put someone that is pure class on the cover.  They had a chance to put a wrestler on the cover that exemplifies what is good throughout our sport.  As a whole wrestlers are what America truly needs....people who work hard, seldom complain, and normally do the right thing.  I am not saying that everyone should want their child to grow up to be a wrestler, but I do believe that it is pretty easy to find a positive role model if one looks to the ranks of our College wrestlers.  I guess I should get off of the soap box.... 
4/6/02 - Dear members of the D9 wrestling community:
I have been provided with a unique opportunity to serve as a Uniserv Director for PSEA. The position I have been offered is in the Western Region office of PSEA - in Pittsburgh.
Therefore, effective April 26 of this year, I am retiring from teaching at Redbank Valley and starting a new career. Lots of changes in a very short period of time.
Unfortunately, that means that I can no longer serve as webmaster of D9 wrestling. While I have enjoyed my time with all of you immensely - and I hope I have been of some assistance in promoting the greatest sport in the world! - the duties of my new position will be all-consuming. I will do all I can in assisting in finding my replacement - and making the transition as seamless as possible. Any suggestions you may have in making this process easier would be appreciated.

To paraphrase the hobbit Bilbo Baggins:
"I am immensely fond of you.all, and twenty-five years is too short a time to have lived and worked among such excellent and admirable people. I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. But, as I said, although twenty-five years is far too short a time to spend among you - this is the end. Goodbye."

Daniel F. Carey
District IX webmaster

4/4/02 -
Teams Wanted. Two teams for the Mid-Season Classic next January.
D9 Alumni in College summary
3/31/02 - Duals announced at Upper Dauphin Area for next December
3/30/02 - Redbank forms the Fast Fall! club for post-season wrestling. Hosting freestyle tourney April 14.
* AA and AAA group photos of
Champions at Districts posted.
Area V PJW results posted
Area V Placewinners at Johnstown posted
* for those who are interested, PAWF runs women's brackets at all Freestyle Qualifiers, Women may also "bump up" and enter the men's brackets as well. PAWF will be taking a Women's team to the first Women's Junior Nationals in Fargo, ND this summer.
3/17/02 - Warren Stout also qualifies for NCAA's. Info on other alums as well.
3/14/02 -
* Brookville alums
Reitz and Ceileski both qualify for NCAA's. Reitz qualifies by virtue of a rideout victory over former teammate Jason Gilligan...
* Additional photos posted at links below, courtesy of The Courier-Express and Tom Bukouski! Excellent action shots!
3/11/02 -
District Results w/ photos (AA)
AA Regions w/ photos
AAA Regions w/ photos
AA States w/ photos
3/10/02 -
* Any digital photos that you may have from Districts, Regions, and States would be welcome. I especially need a copy of the group photo taken of the District Champions and The Region Champions. Past that, podium shots at Districts and Regions are welcome - and identified action shots.
3/9/02 -
* D9 AAA advances 1 to Finals (Pataky), Sutter in for 7/8  Team scores available as of close of business Friday night! See D9 Progress at 2002 States
* D9, Saturday afternoon!
Pavlekovsky, 5th! Anderson - 4th, Hornung - 7th
* Rendos, Iorfido, Cathcart - all three take 2nd in AA
* Pataky 2nd in AAA, Surra 5th, Sutter 8th
* AAA finals are still progressing at 9:30 PM Sat, but D9 is done for the year.

3/8/02 -

* D9 AA advances 3 to finals, 3 others to medal. See
D9 Progress at 2002 States
     AAA advances 2 to semis
3/7/01 -
Wrestler of the Week - Dom Surra!! of St. Mary's
* D9 Progress at 2002 States
* Additional contributions have been received from
Generous Benefactors.
3/5/01 -
* Bravenet was hacked and the minipolls are offline until the damage is repaired... ASAP.
* One great
ticket for sale.
3/4/01 -
* Substantial Analysis is available for AA Regions. Who's Moving On, Team Scores, Placewinners, and Post-Tourney Analysis.
* D9 Wrestling has received the first donation from a Generous Benefactor.
* Brackets for AA and AAA are available online through
Tom Elling's PA Wrestling site (link is correct, now). This is where the Live Updates will be posted as well. D9 wrestling will be providing analysis and focusing on the progress of our D9 guys through the brackets.
3/3/01 -
* Placewinners from AA NW Regions - more analysis to follow, now that brackets are here to work with, courtesy of Bob Imhof of Ridgway. Reynolds runs with team score.
AA NW Region Team Scores (calculated from the brackets)
* compare
Predictions vs Actual Results at AA NW Regions
* compare
Predictions vs Actual Results at AAA NW Regions
* More Tickets for Sale (States).
* Detailed results from AAA NW Region
* Summary of scoring from
AAA NW Region
* Adams of Clearfield was 2nd at 119, not Andrulonis of Dubois as reported here. Results have been reworked and reposted. Apologies for the error. They both start with "A"...
* It is worth mentioning that there was no "featured singer" for the Star-Spangled Banner tonight. The announcer volunteered to lead IF everybody would join in. So they did. It was wonderful. There hasn't been anything like that for many a moon - remember the days when EVERYBODY always sang i/o standing around listening?? It was much better that way...
* And thanks to CUP for blocking off a major parking lot next to the gym the night of Regions. Nice touch. Everybody enjoyed scrambling for parking spaces, I'm sure.
3/1/01 -
* The Quigley Duals were cancelled, so there are no results to report for that event.
Updated AA and AAA Predictions for NW Regions, courtesy of Fearless Dan Albaugh!!
* D9's Not-So-Fearless Prediction for AA Regions - Reynolds by 3 over Brockway...
Generous Contributors Page set up. It will take about $70 to purchase the upgrade for one year. That will give us 3 Gig of bandwidth (i/o the current 1 gig) and some extra storage space. Additional bandwidth can be purchased if we hit a wall with that level of usage.
* It's a bit unsure as to what level of reporting will be available for NW Regions this year. The webmaster for D10 has indicated that the Tournament Director for AA Regions will not be honoring press passes for websites this year - with that info in hand, D9 Wrestling will not be travelling to Sharon; it's a long drive for a quick turnaround. If anybody in attendance at AA Regions will supply a completed set of brackets, a detailed report can be posted here. Gold Medal Rankings will NOT be doing Live Updates from AA Regions, due to the fees being charged for live reporting. D9 Wrestling will probably be in attendance at AAA Regions - management there being far more hospitable - and detailed results will be provided.



Seminole, PA

Rankings (02-03) - our favorite rankings!

Dan Albaugh's NW Region Rankings! 2/28/02

Gold Medal Rankings District IX Rankings

Dan Carey's District IX Team Standings  will start at end of December

The Tournament Listing - links to the files reporting results of EVERY tourney involving D9 teams will be reported here.

2001-2002 News of interest:

Tom Elling's PA Wrestling Handbook is out for 2002-03. This is an incredibly useful compendium of information, including a Directory of ALL coaches in PA, a list of the Top 100 wrestlers, and pre-season team rankings, as well a list of ALL returning District, Region, and State Placewinners.
Go to
PA Wrestling for your copy

Help Wanted:

Kane gets kudos again for being the first team to submit information for the 2001-02 season!

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