Olympian Ken Chertow’s Mini-Camp Agenda

Register Early! Enrollment is Limited

Friday - April 12, 2002

6:30-7:00 PM - Registration for Ken Chertow Mini-Camp

7:00-9:00 PM - Intense Drill Session -.Ken Chertow will conduct a two-hour training session covering a wide array of drilling methods. If you want to perfect your techniques, remember them, and hit them instinctively in the heat of battle, you need to make a commitment to Ken Chertow's Gold Medal Training Camp System. This mini-camp is a good time to start!

Friday night Ken will put you through an array of unique drills including: Shadow Drilling, Chain Drilling, Side-to-Side Drilling, Position Drilling, Set-up Drilling, Finish Drilling, Situation Drilling, and Passive Resistance Drilling. These drilling techniques are essential to perfect your timing and combinations. Ken will help you understand how to perfect your drilling techniques so you are able to go home and develop into a takedown machine!

9:00-10:00 PM - Tournament Registration and Weigh-ins (Absolutely no weigh-ins before 9:00PM)

Saturday - April 13, 2002

7:30-9:00 AM - Tournament Registration and Weigh-Ins for wrestlers who cannot register Friday or who are not signed up for Chertow mini-camp

8:30-9:30 AM - Top Technique Session - Ken will teach you an array of pinning techniques that will help you dominate your opponent from the top position. You will also learn how your folkstyle turns can be applied to freestyle and vice-versa. This camp will help your career tremendously and will also help you do well in the NHSCA National Qualifying Tournament.

9:30 AM &endash; Motivational Talk/Clinic/Drill Demonstration - Open to all tournament participants.
Prize Fight depending on state of the brackets.

10:00 AM - Start Tournament

Camp Fee: $50. Register by March 30, 2002 and you will receive your choice of a FREE Instructional Video from Ken's Championship Video Library of 23 videos - $35.00 retail value.

Camp Registration: To register e-mail Chertow@olympianwrestling.com, write Clearfield in the subject line, and indicate which free video you want. You can go to http://www.wearandgear.com and click on the video section to pick the video of your choice. You will fill out the registration form and pay $50 camp fee at check-in from 6:30-7:00 PM Friday night. You will also receive your free video at registration. You must register by March 30, 2002 to receive your free video.

For complete information on Ken Chertow's Gold Medal Training Camp System visit http://www.kenchertow.com or call 814-466-3466.