Rules interp meeting
Monday, Nov 5, 2001
Brockway HS

District IX

Rule 1-1-2  - random draw for starting weights. BOTH coaches must agree, otherwise standard order applies. When a draw IS used, the weight drawn becomes the first match and is #1 (odd) - order continues from there. Draw is not made until AFTER weigh-ins are complete.

Rule 4-3-1 - electronic communication prohibited.

Rule 4-5-1&3 - new weigh-in procedure. PA is NOT adopting this. [Under this rule, wrestlers may not leave the weigh-in area once weigh-ins start - and weigh-ins are over as soon as the 275 is done.]

Rule 6-1-3 - 1st overtime is reduced to one minute

Rule 6-6-2 - failure to give choice of position following 2nd TO is now bad time.

Rule 6-7-1 - choice of position in 2nd OT goes to person who scored the first point(s) in regulation. If 0-0 at end of 1st OT, then and only then does it go to a coin flip.

Rule 7-3-7 - wrestler reporting to the mat improperly equipped/ not ready to wrestle - technical violation - 1 pt - 1st TO - 1.5 min to get ready, plus USC on the bench (1 team point)

Rule 8-1-4 - ejected, no supervision - confined to bench

Rule 8-2-4 - wrestler who is "apparently" unconscious may not continue w/o written Dr. clearance - has 1.5 min to get same.

Some editorial changes to various rules were made to clarify intent. No actual changes to those rules are intended.

New signals
#4 - bleeding time; finger to nose.
#21 - USC - one arm only out (preferably indicating the correct color)

PLUS - referees may now wear V-neck shirt in addition to the traditional zippered-collar shirt. All refs working a tournament must wear the same style shirt. A 2"x3" flag on the right shoulder is acceptable.

District IX