Counter Update Notes
last updated: 03/11/02

If you've been paying attention, you noticed that this page registered 10,000! hits at 4:30 PM on Sunday, Feb. 15, 1998. Sometime in the month of December, 1998. we rolled over 20,000 hits! And I missed it completely. Rats.
30,000 hits as of noon, Jan 25, 1999! And we had one hit from the country of Croatia! (Ed: Huh?)
Got a couple of odd hits - Singapore, Finland, and 7 from Canada! We're worldwide, folks!
Now three from Germany and one from Greece. And one from Japan! And Australia!
Hit counter should have hit 40,000 last night! 2/15/99 That's 10,000 hits in a little under two weeks! Should roll 50,000 today! (3/4/99) Over 1100 hits the day after Districts alone!
* Somwehere around 5,000 hits the weekend of States!
* hits have been trickling all summer, and we should roll over 60,000 sometime is Sept! Foreign hits continue to accumulate - and to amaze.
* as of 9/17/99, we were well over 60,000 hits - usage is beginning to pick up again! Say hello to wrestling fans in Sweden, Ireland, South Africa, Israel, The Russian Federation, Belgium, Greece, South Korea, Spain, Latvia, and Argentina! They've all been here.
* as of 1/10/00 - we've hit every continent. Hit counter nears 80,000 - I misssed 70,000 completely.
Added Malaysia, The United Kingdom, France, Mexico, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Brazil, Taiwan, The United Arab Emirates, Norway, Thailand, Czech Republic, Italy, Cyprus, Columbia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Turkey, India, Slovenia, Denmark, and Kuwait!!!! Hi, everybody!!
* 1/15/00 - added two more; Austria and Poland.
* 1/27/00 - close to 80,000! and added several new countries, including Latvia and TONGA!!!
* 2/6/00 - rolled over 80,000 last week - and a couple more countries!
* 2/19/00 - rapidly closing in on 90,000 hits! 48 foreign countries on the tally now - added Argentina, Costa Rica, Educador, Lebanon, Indonesia, South Korea, Spain, and Luxembourg recently!
* 3/1/00 - quickly moving towards 95,000 hits! May roll 100,000 this week!!!
* nailed 102,000+ hits a couple of weeks ago.
* For reasons beyond my control, the hit counter got rolled back to zero recently... no response from the Tripod tech support people.
* 7/23 - Tripod informs that the hit counter problem is being resolved.
* 11/ 3 - no progress on the counter problem - they are "working on it"
* replaced counter with an Ultimate Counter - abitrarily set the number at 110,000. close enough.
* rolled over 150,000 in 2000-2001
* 10/30/01 running about 50 hits a day. added visits from Hong Kong, Egypt, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Togo, Bulgaria, and Kuwait! Where is TOGO??
* rolled 170,000 hits as of Jan 1, 2002 - and picked up our first hit from China! We have been seen in 57 foreign countries!
* rolled over 200,000 hits the weekend of States, 2,000. usage would have been a LOT higher if not for the bandwidth problems.

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