D10 Rankings
District IX

D-10 individual and team rankings from the Erie News-Times, if anyone if interested:

Erie News-Times
Contributing writer

Here are the D-10 rankings [as of 1/28/02]:

103 pounds

1. Nate Gennaro, Fairview
2. Josh Garrity, Cathedral Prep
3. Ryan Smith, McDowell
4. Kody Hiner, Fort LeBoeuf
5. Jason Brown, Reynolds
6. Brian Payne, Commodore Perry

Others to watch: Alec Miller, Grove City; Jacob Spuck, Oil City; Dillion Tobin, Titusville; John Fleming, Lakeview; Kevin McElhaney, Jamestown; Jeremiah Rideout, Cochranton; Nick Wienczowski, Union City; Jeff Hoffman, Hickory; Kory Slye, Cranberry.

Note: Unbeaten Gennaro pinned Hiner in the North East tourney finals, while Smith stopped Payne 6-3 at Grove City.


1. Tim Gadsby, Lakeview
2. Andy Henry, Strong Vincent
3. Matt McClellan, Oil City
4. Andrew Jones, Greenville
5. Ben Loutzenhiser, Commodore Perry
6. Scott Waite, Fort LeBoeuf

Others to watch: Jake Habel, Reynolds; Tyler Harrison, Titusville; Trent Baker, Cathedral Prep; Brandon Wilczak, McDowell; Jeff Pacansky, Fairview; Jake Harriger, Sheffield; Lance Becker, Slippery Rock; Ryan Patton, Conneaut Lake; Denton Stevens, Saegertown.

Note: McClellan beat Jones 7-5 in Grove City.


1. Todd Mowrey, Titusville
2. Hayden Hawthorne, Commodore Perry
3. Chris Peterson, Greenville
4. Jeff O'Connell, Fort LeBoeuf
5. Chad Smith, Lakeview
6. Carmen Fucci, Union City and Adam Artman, Cochranton

Others to watch: Josh Polley, Maplewood; Brad Crolli, Cathedral Prep; Ryan Patton, Conneaut Lake; Toby Williams, Warren; Tyler Cathcart, Eisenhower; Chris White, Reynolds; Shane Kimmy, North East; Jake Keene, General McLane; Adam Unkle, Fairview; Keith Miller, Jamestown.

Note: Hawthorne was impressive winning titles in North East and Grove City.


1. Nick McElhinney, Cochranton
2. Jeff Becker, Slippery Rock
3. Travis Battles, Reynolds
4. Kyle Feikles, Cathedral Prep
5. Aaron Kitchell, Warren
6. Karl Richardson, Fort LeBoeuf

Others to watch: Casey George, McDowell; Josh Sicillan, Mercer; Jerry Stralko, Cranberry; Andy Taylor, Titusville; Josh Polley, Maplewood; Deven Laird, Corry; Josh Peters, Youngsville; Paul Nick, Central; Ryan Eckart, Saegertown; Jimmy Holden, Sheffield; Treg Smith, Commodore Perry.

Note: Becker edged Hawthorne 5-3 in OT in a dual bout, while McElhinney (Griffin) has dropped down from 135.


1. Justin Hollobaugh, Reynolds
2. Jason Carlin, Titusville
3. Dan Burns, Greenville
4. Luke Harrison, General McLane
5. J.T. Egnot, Fairview
6. Nick Peterson, Corry

Others to watch: Matt Baker, Meadville; Jeff Wozniak, Cathedral Prep; Kyle Kennedy, Cochranton; Ike Bem, Union City; Jeremy Williams, Warren; Matt Wilbur, Central; Dan Sullivan, Youngsville; Ben Tate, Jamestown; Justin Kreider, Conneaut Lake; Billy Lyons, Slippery Rock; Aaron McKissock, Sheffield.

Note: Burns won at Grove City, while Egnot outlasted Peterson at North East.


1. Josh Johnson, Eisenhower
2. Hayden Harrison, General McLane
3. Keith Shumac, Seneca
4. Tyler Middleton, Reynolds
5. Jonah Davis, Oil City
6. Doug Hebner, Youngsville

Others to watch: Adam Causgrove, Cathedral Prep; Jason Johnson, Titusville; Andy Ruhlman, Warren; Luke Hargenrader, Saegertown; Jeff Ramer, Commodore Perry; Jake Rulander, Eisenhower; Chad George, McDowell; Max Kozalka, Oil City; Joe Davis, Union City.

Note: Johnson was impressive at Grove City.


1. Owen Brickell, Reynolds
2. Corey Murphy, Corry
3. Ian Tobin, Titusville
4. Pat Smith, Cathedral Prep
5. Hudson Harrison, General McLane
6. Rick Trowbridge, Mercer

Others to watch: Matt Horne, Conneaut Lake; Josh Lesik, Union City; Chris Harnett, Jamestown; Adam Penley, Youngsville; Danny Wise, Grove City; Ryan Bradick, Maplewood; Ward McCracken, General McLane; Jake Christensen, Eisenhower; Josh Randall, Fort LeBoeuf; Joe Kowle, North East.

Note: Murphy held off Horne 8-6 at North East. Smith had an impressive win at St. Marys on Saturday.


1. Chad Sutliff, Conneaut Lake
2. Eric Squatrito, Sharon
3. Zack Schafer, Northwestern
4. Kevin McCabe, Youngsville
5. Chad Stininger, Cochranton
6. Carmen Russo, Hickory

Others to watch: Dave Miliano, Cathedral Prep; Bryan Kuhn, McDowell; John Svirbly or Nick Hunt, Reynolds; Brandon Stephens, Jamestown; Matt Jackson, Franklin; Dan Wise, Grove City; Brian Mulligan, Maplewood; Chris Crawford, Franklin; Rusty Fosburg, Union City.

Note: Sutliff was the outstanding wrestler at North East, while Squatrito and Schafer easily defeated McCabe.


1. Liam Powell, Slippery Rock
2. Justin Snyder, Titusville
3. Buddy Steber, Warren
4. Jacob Demmler, Jamestown
5. Ron Haywood, Sharpsville
6. Adam English, Northwestern

Others to watch: Bo Morrell, Cochranton; Kiel Woodburn, Eisenhower; Pino Scavella, Harbor Creek; Sean Connole, Cathedral Prep; Eric Squatrito, Sharon; Brandon Kula, Fort LeBoeuf; Joel Davis, Reynolds; Travis Greathouse, Union City; Brian Rodgers, Cochranton; Wayne Polley, Maplewood; John Jackson, Central; Andrew Kimmy, North East; Mark Zamora, Sharon; Ryan Dunlap, General McLane.

Note: Kula edged Scavella in overtime last week, while Steber and Snyder could meet again Thursday.


1. Jimmy Gibson, Kennedy Catholic
2. Nick Wood, Corry
3. Dave Gnacinski, Cathedral Prep
4. Jesse Tumpak, Reynolds
5. Mike Kulka, Sharpsville
6. Bryan Hart, Cochranton

Others to watch: Derek Ruhlman, Warren; Mark Collins, Eisenhower; Branden Stearns, General McLane; Josh Hollabaugh, Maplewood; Brian Millison, Jamestown; Jake Fiske, LeBoeuf; Morgan Breese, Commodore Perry; Mark DeArment, Hickory; Jake Rausch, McDowell; Vince Werner, Sheffield; Ryan Scott, Youngsville; Tyler Gorton, North East.

Note: Cochranton's Chris Hogue will have ankle surgery Feb. 15 and is out for the year. Gibson also is hurt but he is expected to return soon.


1. Doran Heist, Meadville
2. Tony Hammer, Fort LeBoeuf
3. Pat Knaus, General McLane
4. Jeff Rice, Commodore Perry
5. Nick Sommerfield, Reynolds
6. Jason Manross, Saegertown

Others to watch: Casey Bliss, Sheffield; Ryan Titus, Franklin; Kyle McClain, Warren; Eric McGraw, Eisenhower; Chris Koziarski, Cathedral Prep; Mark McClimans, Jamestown; Brian Bell, Strong Vincent; Travis Bell, Mercer.

Note: Greenville's Mike Stephens, who was rated third, is out for the season. Hammer is 20-3 with 12 pins.


1. Matt Wilcox, Maplewood
2. Nick Voelker, Cathedral Prep
3. Jesse Baldensperger, Warren
4. Nate Baker, Meadville
5. Dan Harnett, Jamestown
6. Shawn Adams, Union City

Others to watch: David Goodwill, Corry; Derek Ison, Lakeview; Jim Mosher, Sheffield; Luke Liszaka, Greenville; Jason Nesbitt, Cochranton; Matt Duda, Northwestern; Braden Bice, Mercer; Greg Luther, Youngsville; Keith Moody, Seneca; Andy Ausel, Oil City.

Note: Baldensperger pinned Baker in 53 seconds.


1. Ryan Marovich, McDowel
2. Brad Watson, Lakeview
3. Andy Kuzma, Corry
4. Kyle Brown, Meadville
5. Ron Dombkowski, Cathedral Prep
6. Ryan DeArment, Hickory

Others to watch: D.J. Bross, Seneca; Chris Kelly, North East; Mike Hills, Reynolds; Brandon Hoover, Commodore Perry; Jeremy Hoover, Franklin, Zack Spinks, Youngsville; Matt Holsopple, Sharpsville; Tim Hein, Greenville; Wayne Gormont, General McLane.

Note: Marovich beat Watson 6-2 in Grove City and avenged his loss to Brown.

Class AAA teams

1. Cathedral Prep
2. Titusville
3. Warren
4. General McLane
5. Corry
6. McDowell

Class AA teams

1. Reynolds
2. Fort LeBoeuf
3. Cochranton
4. Lakeview
5. Eisenhower
6. Commodore Perry