NCAA Rules Changes for 1998-1999

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NCAA Rule Changes 1999

Here, in abridged form, are the rules changes for 1998-99 as recommended by the NCAA Wrestling Committee. Although not yet finally appproved, few changes are anticipated, as representatives of the approving bodies were involved in the discussions of the Wrestling Committee. If you need all the gory details, you can find them at

* The rule implemented in January regarding the use of artificial devices to lose weight will be made permanent, with one minor change. The change states that wrestling practice rooms must not exceed 75 degrees (F.) at the start of practice, and that every effort must be made to maintain that temperature throughout the practice.

* Each school must have a physician or athletic trainer conduct an initial weight assessment of its wrestlers during October 1-7 using body weight, body composition and specific gravity of urine. A figure consisting of the wrestler's lean body weight plus five percent body fat will be used to establish a minimum wrestling weight. Each wrestler will have the option of modifying his weight over an eight-week period under the following guidelines: (A) No more than 1.5 percent of body weight could be lost per week and (B) the final weight could not fall below the calculated minimum wrestling weight. A national certification period would be held December 1-7. At that time, the process would be repeated and a weight class would be set for the rest of the year. Special cases (e.g.transfers, injuries) would have their weight class established the first time the individual competes.

* Weigh-ins for dual meets will be held one hour before the first match in the dual starts. A random draw will be conducted before the matches begin in order to determine with which weight class to start the dual. Subsequent matches would proceed in the traditional sequence until all 10 weights are completed.

* Weigh-ins for tournaments will be held two hours before the start of the first matches on the first day of a tournament, and one hour before the first matches on subsequent days of the same tournament. The traditional sequence of weight classes will be maintained at tournaments.

* In dual meets, wrestlers may step on and off the scale three times in successsion. In tournaments, wrestlers may step on each available scale once. Leaving the weigh-in area during this process will be prohibited.

* For tournaments, there will be no weight allowance for multiple day tournaments.

* Weight classes will be 125, 133, 141, 149, 157, 165, 174, 184, 197, and 285. (These are the same as the defacto weights for the season just ended, except for heavyweight)

* All wrestling coaches, including volunteers, will be required to be certified in CPR and first aid annually by the date of the first practice

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