PIAA Executive Meeting- Summer 1998
District IX
courtesy of Tom Elling

1. Amendment Article XII - PENALTIES... The "soccer" rule will apply to wrestling.. if wrestler or coach is ejected, he must sit out next contest. This applies to dual meets. The current rules will apply to tournaments.   2. Twenty-five team championship medals will be awarded; there will be 8 placers at the 1998-99 PIAA Tournament.   3. The weight classes will remain as is.. the same 13 as we have used the past several years.   4. There is NO recertification.   5. The 2-pound growth allowance is still in effect.   6. There will be a "floating" date for weight classification in each District. This date shall be the first "post-season date" each district starts either team or individual championships? And once the wrestler weighs in, that is the lowest weight he may participate in for the PIAA INDIVIDUAL championships. He may, of course, wrestle one weight above this weight the rest of the time, BUT must weigh in at the lower weight.   7. The procedure for relief from clerical error in miminum weight certification on certificate of eligibility is the same as last year.. clerical errors may be corrected up to the 34th day after the first practice day. The head coach must initial each certification on the eligibility sheet. Use the weight classes.. there is no "heaveyweight" class.. so do not certify a wrestler there. Also, there is no 132 class, so if a wrestler has been certified at 132.. that certification becomes the next higher weight class (135).   8. The Team Championships dates and details are still being refined. Bob Lombardi and Tom Elling are working in this area. (See below.)   OTHER  


    Rule 1-3-2:     Change "should" to "shall" at the end of the first 
                    sentence and between a. and b., change "or" to "and."       
    Rule 4-2-3:     If documentation is needed it shall be provided at the 
                    weigh-in or prior to competition.
    Rule 4-4-4:     Add "At anytime" at the beginning of this article.
    Rule 6-1-2:     In consolation matches the first period may be one or two 
    Rule 6-6-1:     Add unsportsmanlike conduct to items not deleted during 
                    bad time.
    Rule 7-5-3 & 5: These two articles will now say prior to, during and 
                    after a Match
    Rule 7-5-6:    Spectators may now be removed for the duration of the 
    Rule 8-2-1:    Injury time is now a maximum of 1 1/2 minutes and only 
                   two timeouts are allowed. If a second timeout is taken,
                   your opponent will have the choice of position on the
                   restart. He may choose up, down or neutral. If this occurs 
                   in the tiebreaker there is no choice of position. 

1998-99 National Federation (NFHS) Winter Sports' Rules Books and Relevant State Association Adoptions and Modifications
Adopt the 1998-99 NFHS Wrestling Rules Book. 
Pursuant to Rule 4-2-3, adopt the PIAA Communicable Skin Disease Form; 
adopt Rule 4-4-1: The following thirteen (13) senior high school weight 
classifications: 103 lbs., 112 lbs., 119 lbs., 125 lbs., 130 lbs., 135 lbs.,
140 lbs., 145 lbs., 152 lbs., 160 lbs., 171 lbs., 189 lbs., and 275 lbs.; 
adopt Rule 4-4-5: Add a two (2)-pound growth allowance on or after January 15;
modify Rule 6-2-2, starting the match in dual meet competition, as follows: 
The home team coach shall send his wrestler to the scorer's table first for 
the even matches of reguar season dual meets only; and adopt the suggested 
criteria to eliminate a tie score in dual meet competition.

  Number of Entries, By District, or By Region to PIAA Winter Championships   Region District AA Entries per Wt Class Number of AA Entries from Districts to Regions from AA Region to States
Class AA   NE AA 2 4 4 6 11 4 === 14 5   SE AA 1 3 3 5 === 8 4   NW AA 9 3 10 5 === 8 3   SW AA 5 3 6 5 7 5 4 === === 13 16

Class AAA

NE AAA           2          4
                 4          3
                11          6
                           13                              3	
SE AAA           1          Self-contained Region          3
SC AAA           3          Self-contained Region          3
NW AAA           6          4
                 8          2
                 9          3
                10          3
                           12                              3	
SW AAA           7          Self-contained Region          4

Schedule for 1998-99 PIAA Team Championships

Class AA

Monday Feb 15        Wed. Feb. 24     Wed. Feb. 24 	Wed. March 3
ROUND 1               Round 2    	Semis		 Finals
                       3-1 ----------------->>
 1-1 ------------------------->>
                       2-1 ----------------->>
                       7-1 ----------------->>
 5-1 ------------------------->>
                       6-1 ----------------->>

Class AAA

Monday Feb 15        Wed. Feb. 24     Wed. Feb. 24 	Wed. March 3
ROUND 1       		Round 2    	Semis		 Finals
                        1-1 ------------------>>
 4-1 ------------------------->>
                       11-1 ----------------->>
                        9-1 ----------------->>
                       10-1 ----------------->>
NOTE: We are trying to establish a Feb. 23 & 24th site for the East and the
West championships. We will keep you updated.

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