Parting Comments
District IX

Congratulations Mr. Carey and I would like to thank you for everthing you have done for the sport of wrestling.

Thanks Again,


I'm truly sorry that you are resigning as the web master but I am excited about your new position. It sounds like a step up and that should be a plus for you. While I'm sure that you will be missed as our webmaster, I'm equally sure that you will have much successs in your new position. We all face new opportunities in our lives and you never know what is right for you unless you try. Good luck in your new position and hope you keep our e-mail addresses so you can keep in touch with you friends.

Good luck, Dan.. and thanks!! You did D9 and all of PA Wrestling a great service! I'm sure you'll stay in touch!

Congrats.. what a super job you did.. I'm not sure D9 can replace what you've done.. maybe with 3 guys!!

I wish you the very best in your new position.
Thanks for all your time and efforts

Congratulations on your new job. You will be greatly missed on the D-9 site, probably much more than anyone at the moment realizes. It definitely will be very difficult to fill your big shoes.

I appreciate you making room over the past few years for my rankings. You were great to work with and that's why I kept coming back.

Take care & good luck,
Your friend,
Dan Albaugh (NW Region Rankings guru!)

Congratulations on the new opportunity, I hope it works out well for you. I will be sorry to see you go, you have been a great ambassador for the sport in general, but especially for District 9. I scan a bunch of wrestling sites, including all of the various district sites, and none provide as much information as yours does. I am aware of the time involved in just running a team site and can only imagine the time you had to put in for the D9 site. Although I'm sure it wasn't always conveyed, I know many fans appreciated your efforts. Good luck in Pittsburgh, maybe Bruce can use your assistance and expertise down there.

Best Regards,

DC - Say it isn't so....

I have mixed emotions - happy for you because I know this is something you wanted but sad for all D9 wrestling fans who depend on the website for up to the minute information. You have big shoes to fill - I hope there is someone willing and able to take on the task.

Thanks for all you have contributed to D9 wrestling. Sorry to see you go :-(


Congratuations on your new job. You did a great job on the D IX web site, and you will be sorely missed.

Hi Dan!!

Needless to say; Iam in shock!!!!! I don't think Mike knows about this either!! Is this a good opportunity for you? I hope that we see you before you go. When are you moving??

Take Care My Friend,


Congrat on the new job!!! I know you really wanted it. Are you moving to Pittsburgh or are you going to stay here for a while?

Congrats on the new job!! Its great to hear that at least some in our profession are willing to step out of the mold, make changes in their life, and are willing to change their rut. I'll miss the work you have done with the D9 wrestling and the renewal of an old friendship if only via email. Again good luck, PSEA is fortunate to have gained a valuable and dedicated individual. John

District IX