Tickets For Sale

District IX

2002 State Championships


I have one really good ticket for sale in Section 28, Row DD for Class AA. It is a rather long story but I purchased two tickets from one of my friends in Wayne, PA that manages to get a block of tickets in that general area each year, he only wants/needs AAA so he sells the Class AA. The tickets cost me $50 per set and up to today I've not been able to find anyone to attend the tournament with me, no social life anymore, just work and wrestling. If you know of anyone that would be interested in a rather expensive ticket, please let me know.

I will be in my office until 4:00 p.m., leaving for Hershey tomorrow morning. They can reach me at the following phone numbers or e-mail addresses:

(814) 773-3162 x3048 Work
(814) 776-2114 Home

Bob Imhof
Ridgway Wrestling


Two sets of AA tickets for sale, Section 23, Row G, Seats 1 & 2. These tickets were for two of our coaches not covered by the PIAA. They will not be able to attend the State Championships due to work and teaching committtments. Anyone interested contact Bob Imhof at


Clarion Area Athletic Director (DJ Bevevino) has 8 AAA he would like to sell. If anyone is interested they can contact him at (814) 226-4701.

AA state Tickets for sale. 20 Tickets Available in Sections 8 & 9 and 60 tickets in Sections 19 & 20. Tckets were purchased in groups of 10 with 2 adult and 8 students per set. Students can be upgraded at the State Tournament if you want. Order in any amount on a "first come first served" basis. Contact Bob Peters email: [2/16 - only TEN left]

I have 6 AA state tickets for sec 25. if interested please e-mail me at thank you. Tony Baglio

Tickets For Sale: 6 Sets(AA & AAA) 4 Adult and 2 Student in Section 23, Row G, Seats 3 through 8(West End of Arena by Mat 1). Total Cost $240. Contact Bob at   

The Clarion Area Booster Club purchased 20 AAA tickets that they would like to sell. Contact Randy Cathcart if interested at 814-226-8112. Sorry, ALL are