Redbank Valley vs Ridgway

5 Feb, 1997

@ Redbank


     Redbank        Ridgway          Score   Redbank   Ridgway

103 forfeit Dave Predko forf 0 6   112 Matt Boozer Bruno Iorfido 0-6 0 9   119 Anthony Adams Andy Steger 13-2 4 9   125 Matt Brinker Jeremiah Steger 2-11 4 13   130 Shawn Smith Andy Novario forf 4 19   135 Nathan Gourley Chris Shilk 7-11 4 22   140 Benji Shaffer Cory Hoffman 6-21 4 27   145 forfeit Bryan Dutchcot forf 4 33   152 Erik Rupp Curt Gerber 15-4 8 33   160 Todd Dinger Dennis Schoonover def 14 33   171 Jason Barnett Scott Brigger 1:15 20 33   189 Cory Moore Justin Costion 2:35 20 39   275 forfeit Paul Shilk forf 20 45     The Bulldogs are still forfeiting four weight classes due to Shawn Smith being out for surgery (cauliflower ear - bad). Head to head the match was 20-21, which is some kind of moral victory at least. Matt Boozer kept it close against Iorfido, who is the returning District IX champ. Anthony Adams handled Andy Steger but couldn't put the six on the board. Matt Brinker got caught in an under-leg cradle early in the first for five, and had to take chances. Nathan Gourley and Chris Shilk had an incredible match, with both wrestlers working aggresively for the fall and trading deep pinning combinations. Cory Hoffman out-slicked Benji Shaffer with combinations of duck-unders, shrugs, and high- crotches for a tech fall. Then Redbank started to put some points up. Erik Rupp worked from his feet to score repeated takedowns to the back, piling up a major decision against Curt Gerber, son of Ridgway coach Gary Gerber. There was a tragic incident at 160. Todd Dinger scored first with a takedown off a wild scramble. During the re-start from the mat, both wrestlers came down hard with Schoonover's arm trapped underneath, resulting in a huge dislocation of his right elbow. The EMT's were called to air-splint the elbow, and Dennis was transported to Ridgway's team doctor in St. Mary's. Opinion seemed pretty certain that he's done for the year. After the resumption, Jason Barnett nailed a quick fall over Scott Brigger to push the Bulldogs up to 20, while Cory Moore yielded a second-period fall to a much-heavier Justin Costion off the infamous Ridgway roll. Paul Shilk collected Ridgway's fourth and final forfeit, as Scott Harriger is still ineligible. Redbank drops to 5-3, but is able to hold its collective head up in the process.  
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