Juniata Tournament Sat, Feb. 3, 2001 District IX

Team Standings
Juniata 184.5 Jersey Shore 113.5 Middletown 90.5, United 89, Shippensburg 88, Selinsgrove 87, Southern Huntington 84.5 Punxsy 83.5. Lewistown 81, West Branch 69, Cameron County 60, East Juniata 34.5 Milton Hershey 34.5. Mike Bryan had 3 falls for the day at 103 pounds. He pinned Ethan Shearer of United in 1:10, Jeremy Wenrich from Selinsgrove in just 0:27, and in the Championship round pinned Wilson Smith of Southern Huntingdon in 3:12. Garry Price went 3-0 at 130 pounds to win the Championship. In the opening round, he pinned Garrett Mantle of Jersey Shore in 1:41, major decisioned Jason of Punxsy 13-4 and beat Brandon Sunderland from Southern Huntingdon; 3-0 in the finals. Jimmy Whistler dropped down to 145 pounds and won three straight to win the gold. He pinned Faisal Tunis of Milton Hershey in 0:58, Kyle Rauch from Jersey Shore in 3:52 and decisioned Brad Strite 2-0. At 119, Tyler Gilson pinned Seth Beveridge from West Branch in just 0:29, and followed that with a 5-4 decision over Adam Brink of Punxsataney in the Semis. Tyler lost 3-10 to Jason Vaughn of Shippensburg in the finals to take second. Matt Miller also dropped a weight to wrestle 140 and finished second by beating Jason Saggese of West Branch 6-0, Craig Stouffer from Shippensburg 5-1 before losing to Seth Martin of Selinsgrove by a score of 1-12. Phillip Bomberger beat Gideon Hornung from Central Cambria 8-5 and decisioned Kerstetter of EJ 9-6 in the semis. Phillip took state ranked Justin Hower of Lewistown into overtime before losing 6-8. Hower was the Outstanding Wrestler of the tourney. Will Snyder took third at 125. Will Started by beating Boyd Toner of Jersey Shore 5-1 before losing to Tyler Engel from Shippensburg 3-7. Will came back in the consys by winning an injury default over Mike Pride. Their was no final bout because of excess matches wrestled by his opponent. Danny Drewes dropped from his usual 189 weight class to 152 pounds, not as big of drop as it sounds. Danny got caught in the quarters by Mike Rowe of Lewistown and pinned in 3:10, before coming back in the consys by pinning Erik McClusik from West Branch in 4:23, beating Jamie Nagel of Southern Huntingdon 9-5. He gained revenge over Rowe by recording a fall in 2:43. Barrett Imes placed fourth at 160. He pinned David McDermott; Shippensburg in 1:37, before losing to Jared Ricotta of West Branch 1-17. Barett came back in the consys beating Joe Lengel from Selinsgrove 5-3 (OT) before losing to Derek Elliot of Milton Hershey. At 112, Curtis Brown started the day by pinning Garrett Miller of West Branch before falling to Dan Nauman of Middletown in 3:14. Curtis came back to pin RF White in 1:46. His day ended with a wild 14-15 loss to Justin McCloskey of Jersey Shore. Bobby Dressler went 2-2 on the day at 135 pounds. Bobby beat Josh Gallaher of United 8-2 before dropping a decision 4-10 to Tyler Walker of Lewistown. In the consys he pinned Jon Mendez from Milton Hershey in 1:43 and finished the day with a close 6-7 loss to Adam Richmond from EJ. Chris Casner stepped into the lineup also went 2-2 on the day at 189 pound. Chris began by pinning Tristan Lawson of Lewistown in 1:47. He then lost 4-13 to Gabe Diggs from Middletown. He came back and pinned Dan Yocum from Southern Huntingdon in 0:59 and lost to Greg Spiegel 2-9. Dustin Swartz went 2-1 on the day beating Keith Altiery from Lewistown 11-7 and pinning Kevin Mlakar of United in 3:18 before losing to Ryan Bickel from West Branch by fall in in 3:30

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