Salamanca Tournament Saturday, Feb 3, 2001   District IX

Team Points 192.0 Clarion (C) 183.0 Fredonia (Fred) 145.0 Olean (Ol) 132.0 Salamanca (Sal) 117.5 Panama (Pan) 116.0 Pine Valley (PV) 114.5 Bradford (Brad) 108.0 Albion (Alb) 85.0 Allegany-Limestone (Allg) 83.5 Randolph (Ran) 83.0 Bolivar-Richburg (BR) 51.0 Silver Creek (SC) 34.0 Franklinville (Frkv) 34.0 Westfield (West) 30.0 Oswayo Valley (OV)
Finals 96 Steve Pancio (O) dec. Josh McClain (C) 9-0 103 Shay Anzivine (O) dec. Justin Hager (S) 7-3 112 Mike Sanders (A) dec. Cory O'Neil (S) 6-4 ot 119 Lyle Millaman (PV) dec. Bryan Kiskadden (C) 7-3 125 John Perry (F) dec Justin Cooper (A) 7-5 130 Matt Watterson (C) dec. Justin Perry (F) 6-3 135 Bob Russell (P) dec. Ryan Yerico (F) 5-3 140 Dan Uderitz (A) dec. Will Sydney (F) 6-3 145 Jr Tompkins (BR) dec Mitch Neely (B) 7-5 152 Victor Arena (S) maj dec. Tony Margeson (AL) 19-9 160 Kevin Heman (PV) pinned AJ Paolatto (O) 3:34 171 Ed Pelcheck dec. Ted Lawrence 4-2 189 Kyle Cathcart won by tech fall Casey Brown (R) 16-1 5:01 215 Brad Watkins (A) pinned Andy Durrow (R) 3:59 275 Chris Turkosky (AL) dec. Joe Straw 7-4 Consy finals 96 Josh Lundy (OV) dec. Phil Kavanbaugh (SC) 2-1 ot 103 Eric Henry (C) major dec Mike Wheeler (B) 16-4 112 Josh Stewart (F) pinned Marty Inkley (R) 2:16 119 Joe Conlin (S) dec Matt Stransburg (F) 3-3 rideout 125 Brad Smith (P) dec Steve Ward (BR) 14-9 130 Jeremy Minor (S) dec Chris McCool (P) 8-1 135 Brandon Geyer (PV) Aaron Shanahan (SC) 6-1 140 Tracey Brantley (BR) won by injury default Ryan Farrell (B) 145 Andrew Sprague (F) won by injury default Nick Mowery (O) 152 John Mechenenmer (W) dec Bill Bean (P) 4-2 160 Nick Niznik (C) dec Kane Smith (S) 3-1 ot 171 Shawn O'Connell (FV) dec Dennis Wilmoth (B) 5-3 189 Ben Auteri (B) pinned Robert Cattell (W) 3:49 215 Brian Nary (O) pinned Eric Herman (PV) 2:14 275 Chris Raymond (F) pinned Clifford Lynch (PV) 4:40
BY WEIGHT CLASS 96 Steve Pancio (Ol) 9-0 Josh McClain (C) Jash Lundy (OV) 2-0; sd Phil Kavanaugh (SC) Mark Herman (PV) 4:52 Alex Froman (Pan) 103 Shea Anzivine (Ol) 7-3 Justin Hager (Sal) Eric Henry (C) 15-4 Mike Wheeler (Brad) Kyle Smith (BR) 15-0 Lucas Woyton (PV) 112 Mike Sanders (Alb) 6-4; sd Corey O'Neil (Sal) Josh Seward (Fred) WBDef Marty Inkley (Ran) Bryan Shoup (Ol) Med Forf Toby Ochs (C) 119 Lyle Milliman (PV) 7-3 Bryan Kiskadden (C) Joe Conlan (Sal) 3-3; tbcrit Matt Strandberg (Fred) Casey Neely (Brad) Med Forf Tyler Taylor (BR) 125 John Perry (Fred) 7-5; sd Justin Cooper (Alb) Brian Smith (Pan) 14-9 Steve Ward (BR) Paul O'Neil (C) Forf Aaron Peters (Allg) 130 Matt Watterson (C) 6-3 Justin Perry )Fred) Jaymee Minner (Sal) 8-1 Chris McCool (Pan) Herbie Brown (Ran) Forf Andy Dutcher (SC) 135 Bob Russell (Pan) 5-3 Ryan Yerico (Fred) Brandon Guiher (PV) 12-5 Aaron Shanahan (SC) Jim Holmes (Sal) Med Forf Tom Burke (Frkv) 140 Dan Uderitz (Alb) 6-3 Wil Sidey (Fred) Tracy Bentley (BR) Frof Ryan Farrell (Brad) Josh Anderson (Ol) Forf Ryan Hurd (Allg) 145 J.R. Tompkins (BR) 7-6 Mitch Neely (Brad) Andrew Sprague (Fred) Forf Nick Mowery (Ol) Matt Barrick (Allg) 3:34 Jason Depasquale (SC) 152 Victor Arena (Sal) 19-9 Tony Margeson (Allg) John Machemer (West) 4-2 Bill Bean (Pan) Tim CArrow (SC) Forf Tom Bleem (Brad) 160 Kevin Herman (PV) 2:50 A.J. Paoletto (Ol) Nick Niznik (C) 3-1; sd Kane Smith (Sal) Nate Brown (Ran) Med Forf Caleb Carnrite (Fred) 171 Ed Palchak 4-2 Ted Lawrence (C) Sean O'Connell (Frkv) 5-3 Dennis Wilmoth (Brad) Nick Zampogna (Ol) Forf Zack Good (OV) 189 Kyle Cathcart (C) 16-1 Kasey Brown (Ran) Ben Autieri (Brad) :36 Robert Cettell (West) Devin Smith (Pan) :35 Andy Edwards (Sal) 215 Brad Watkins (Alb) 3:15 Andy Durrow (Ran) Brian Nary (Ol) 2:42 Eric Herman (PV) Mike Mogoilon (Fred) 4:00 Tony Boscerino (Pan) 275 Chris Troskosky (Allg) 7-4 Joe Straw (C) Chris Raymond (Fred) 2:52 Clifton Lynch (PV)
Clarion wrestlers have Salamanca tourney title within grasp By Tom Roof.The Times Herald SALAMANCA - Apparently a disappointing loss to Brookville in Thursday night's District 9 Class AA team dual tournament finals had little effect on the Clarion High School wrestling team. Either that or it made the Bobcats a little more hungrier going into Saturday's Salamanca Wrestling Tournament. Whatever the reason, Clarion put six wrestlers in the championship finals en route to winning the team title and knocking off two-time defending champion Fredonia. Led by PIAA state champion, undefeated Kyle Cathcart (25-0) at 189, Clarion tallied 192 points to wrestle the team title from a competitive 15-team field. Fredonia placed second with 183 points, while Olean High was third with 145 and Salamanca fourth with 132. In all, eight teams scored more than 100 points. "Clarion did a great job and brought a lot of quality to this tournament," said Salamanca coach Rich Morton. "I think having them here, having Bradford here, and Fredonia, those teams brought a lot of class with them ... and a lot of great wrestling." The host Warriors had three wrestlers in the finals, but only 152-pounder Vic Arena won, earning his third Salamanca title and the tourney's Outstanding Wrestler award by one vote over Cathcart with a 19-9 decision over Allegany-Limestone's Tony Margeson. Also for Salamanca, Justin Hager (103) and Corey O'Neil (112) placed second. Hager lost to Olean's Shea Anzivine, 7-3, after having beaten the Huskie eighth-grader in three previous meetings this year, including 10-4 in the Sweet Home Tournament, and 8-6 in the finals of the Olean tourney. "Those two kids are going to be seeing each other a lot," said Morton, "and they're both good kids. Their matches always seem to come down to who's the aggressor and who's doing more on his feet ... and this time Anzivine got himself a couple of big takedowns, and that was the difference." O'Neil, meanwhile, lost to top-seeded Mike Sanders (26-3), of Albion, 6-4, in overtime, continuing an impressive comeback from a dislocated elbow that was thought to have sidelined him for the season. "Corey did another fine job," said Morton. "He's getting back in condition and took one of the top-ranked kids in Western New York into sudden death." In addition to Anzivine, Steve Pancio won the 96-pound title for Olean, while A.J. Paoletto placed second at 160 to Pine Valley's top-seeded Kevin Herman (27-4). Paoletto's ride to the finals included a 16-8 decision over A-L's Brian Miller in the quarterfinals, and a tough 4-3 win over third-seeded Caleb Carnrite of Fredonia. Other Big 30 champions were Bolivar-Richburg's J.R. Tompkins (13-2) at 145, and Allegany-Limestone's Chris Troskosky at 275. Bradford High was presented with the first Ed Sweich team sportsmanship award.

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