District 10 AA Results February 22-23, 2002 Sharon, PA (Top 5 placewinners advance to Regionals) results courtesy of: JOHN HULL   District IX DIX Results

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Actual results will be posted here after completion. In the meantime, here are Dan Albaugh's fearless predictions!

Individual Results DISTRICT 10 AA WRESTLING PREDICTIONS The listings below show the predicted finishes at the 2/22-23/02 District 10 AA Tournament. The top five placewinners at Districts move on to the Northwest Regional Tournament at Sharon High School on 3/1-2/02. The following D-10 AA predictions were prepared 2/17/01 by Dan Albaugh of Waterford, Pa. Please note that certain wrestlers/teams in the D-10 rankings have an asterisk (*) following their names. This indicates that wrestler/team is currently ranked in the state according to the 2/19/02 issue of "Off the Mat Wrestling Rankings and Results" of Clearfield, PA. On a weekly basis, "Off the Mat" ranks the top 20 wrestlers in Pennsylvania for each weight class of AA and AAA. To find out where your favorite wrestler is ranked 1 through 20 in the state, subscribe to "Off the Mat". To obtain subscription information, contact "Off the Mat" at offthemat@usachoice.net. "Off the Mat" is located at 510 Park St., Clearfield, PA 16830. PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS 103: 1) Nate Gennaro, Fairview (soph.) * 2) Brian Payne, Commodore Perry (fr.) * 3) Jake Habel, Reynolds (soph.) * 4) Alec Miller, Grove City (fr.) 5) Kody Hiner, Fort LeBoeuf (soph.) 6) Kory Slye, Cranberry (soph.) PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS 112: 1) Tim Gadsby, Lakeview (jr.) * 2) Andy Henry, Erie Strong Vincent (sr.) * 3) Scott Waite, Fort LeBoeuf (soph.) * 4) Andrew Jones, Greenville (soph.) * 5) Ben Loutzenhiser, Commodore Perry (soph.) 6) Jason Brown, Reynolds (fr.) PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS 119: 1) Jeff Becker, Slippery Rock (fr.) * 2) Chris Peterson, Greenville (jr.) * 3) Travis Battles, Reynolds (soph.) * 4) Hayden Hawthorne, Commodore Perry (jr.) 5) Ryan Eckart, Saegertown (soph.) 6) Jerry Stralko, Cranberry (sr.) PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS 125: 1) Nick McElhinney, Cochranton (jr.) * 2) Justin Hollobaugh, Reynolds (sr.) * 3) Karl Richardson, Fort LeBoeuf (jr.) 4) Treg Smith, Commodore Perry (jr.) 5) Cody Smith, Lakeview (jr.) 6) Alex Byler, Jamestown (fr.) PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS 130: 1) Owen Brickell, Reynolds (jr.) * 2) David Szabo, Hickory (jr.) * 3) Dan Burns, Greenville (jr.) * 4) J.T. Egnot, Fairview (soph.) * 5) Dan Sullivan, Youngsville (soph.) 6) Mike McElhinney, Cochranton ( fr.) PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS 135: 1) Josh Johnson, Eisenhower (sr.) * 2) Doug Hebner, Youngsville (jr.) 3) Kieth Shumac, Seneca (soph.) 4) Luke Hargenrater, Saegertown (fr.) 5) Rick Trowbridge, Mercer (sr.) * 6) Tyler Middleton, Reynolds (sr.) * PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS 140: 1) Zack Schafer, Northwestern (jr.) * 2) Brian Mulligan, Maplewood (jr.) * 3) Charlie Burk, Mercer (jr.) * 4) Carmen Russo, Hickory (jr.) 5) Adam Penley, Youngsville (sr.) 6) Nick Hunt, Reynolds (jr.) PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS 145: 1) Liam Powell, Slippery Rock (sr.) * 2) Eric Squatrito, Sharon (sr.) * 3) Kevin McCabe, Youngsville (jr.) * 4) Chad Stininger, Cochranton (sr.) * 5) John Svirbly, Reynolds (sr.) 6) Rusty Fosburg, Union City (sr.) PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS 152: 1) Ron Haywood, Sharpsville (sr.) * 2) Bo Morrell, Cochranton (sr.) * 3) Kiel Woodburn, Eisenhower (sr.) 4) Brandon Kula, Fort LeBoeuf (sr.) 5) Adam English, Northwestern (jr.) * 6) Joel Davis, Reynolds (jr.) PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS 160: 1) Jimmy Gibson, Kennedy Catholic (jr.) * 2) Mike Kulka, Sharpsville (sr.) 3) Jesse Tumpak, Reynolds (sr.) 4) Bryan Hart, Cochrtanton (jr.) * 5) Mark Collins, Eisenhower (jr.) 6) Brian Millison, Jamestown (sr.) PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS 171: 1) Tony Hammer, Fort LeBoeuf (sr.) * 2) Nick Sommerfeld, Reynolds (soph.) * 3) Jason Manross, Saegertown (jr.) 4) Brian Bell, Erie Strong Vincent (jr.) 5) Casey Bliss, Sheffield (sr.) 6) Mark McClimans, Jamestown (jr.) PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS 189: 1) Matt Wilcox, Maplewood (jr.) * 2) Shawn Adams, Union City (sr.) * 3) Luke Liszka, Greenville (sr.) 4) Braden Bice, Mercer (fr.) 5) Jim Mosher, Sheffield (sr.) 6) Greg Luther, Youngsville (sr.) PREDICTED FINISH AT DISTRICTS Hwt: 1) Brad Watson, Lakeview (sr.) * 2) Matt Holsopple, Sharpsville (sr.) 3) Ryan DeArment, Hickory (jr.) 4) Mike Hills, Reynolds (jr.) 5) Brandon Hoover, Commodore Perry (sr.) 6) Chris Kelly, North East (sr.)

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