This is LAST YEAR's bulletin - new one to be posted when available


To: Participating Schools in the AA & AAA Individual Wrestling Tournament
From: TJ Hoover, Tournament Director
Date: January 29, 2001 (Originally FAXed to all school on 1-30-01)

Individual Tournament - Friday & Saturday, February 23 & 24, 2001
Site: Clarion University of PA, Waldo Tippin Gym

Meal Arrangements: All meals will be available at Chandler Dining Hall up the hill above the gym. Coaches are asked to make reservations, especially for the Friday meal. The university is on break, not many students around. There has to be enough paid reservations on Friday to justify opening the dining hall. Reservations can be made for all meals.

Friday, 2/23
2:30-4:00pm Pre-Meet Meal $5.05

Saturday, 2/24
8:15-10:00am Breakfast $3.05
3:30-5:00pm Dinner $5.05

Arrangements for "team meals", count & pre-pay, can be made through athletic department secretary, Ms. DeDe VanEpps at 814-393-1997. Checks for pre-pay should be made payable to "Chartwells."

Tournament Decorum:

The District 9 Committee is attempting to increase the positive organization of the Individual Wrestling Tournament over the two days, Feb 23 & 24, and is asking all involved for cooperation.

In years past, and each year growing, was a problem with congestion on the gymnasium floor, corners, and walkways. Hoping to bring this into order, a number of steps are being taken. First, there will be designated areas for the seating of wrestlers and coaches in the stands. The only wrestlers and coaches on the floor, inside the barriers, are to be wrestling on the mat, or "on deck" , not "in the hole." On deck will mean being called to the head table and receiving an anklet. There is never to be more than "2 in the corner" for each wrestler on the mat, and no more that "2" on the floor per wrestler for warm-up. At all other times, wrestlers, coaches, and team personnel are to be off the floor and seated in the designated bleachers, or elsewhere off the floor.

To be on the floor inside the barriers one must have a "floor pass." Wrestlers and coaches will be issued a pass which will be good for building admission and being on the floor. Everyone has to be wearing a floor pass in order to get on the floor to wrestle. Security personnel will be posted on all areas of the floor. Media/Press/Photographers will be asked to sign in on entry to the building and receive a "Press Pass" in order to go onto the floor/press area. All tournament workers and PIAA District Committee persons will issued a required pass. This will be the policy throughout the tournament, including the Finals. Seating for the District 9 Coaches Association "Hall of Fame" will be provided in a secure manner on the floor. All others are to be in the stands, or off the floor. This area has been the source of many complaints and confrontations in years past. Therefore, it has to be kept clear, allowing these inductees honored space.

The obvious question is "What if I don't?" As during any wrestling match or tournament, wrestlers, coaches, and team personnel are expected to follow the rules of wrestling, the match, and the tournament therefore subject to the misconduct, unsportsmanlike behavior and flagrant behavior rules and progression. Section 5, Article 5 of the NFHS Wrestling Rule Book, 2000-01, states, "These acts can occur prior to, during or after a match." [ or a tournament]

As the long-standing "contestant decorum" policy has been in effect in the PIAA for years, this is an attempt to further "clean-up" the sport and its image to the public. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated as you are asked to share this with all persons concerned.

Thank you.