District IX

To: District IX High School Principals, Wrestling
From: TJ Hoover, Wrestling Tournament Director
Date: 1-01-02
Re: 2002 Individual Wrestling Tournament

Enclosed is important information concerning this year's individual wrestling tournament which will be held on Friday, February 22, 2002, AA only, and Saturday, February 23, 2002, AA / AAA both, in the Waldo Tippin Gymnasium at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

PLEASE SEE THAT THIS MATERIAL AND SCHEDULE IS MADE AVAILABLE TO YOUR ATHLETIC DIRECTOR AND HEAD WRESTLING COACH. Students, the community, and the local media will also be interested in these materials.
If you or any of your school personnel have questions concerning this tournament please contact me at:

Dr Terry Hoover, Principal
FC Fretz Middle School
FAX 814-362-1812
140 Lorana Ave
Bradford, PA 16701

DISTRICT IX WRESTLING 2001-02 AA/AAA Tournament February 22 / 23, 2002

The wrestling tournament is under the supervision of the District IX PIAA Committee. Chairman of the committee is Terry Hoover, Principal at the middle school in the Bradford Area School District.
The Committee Wrestling Committee is:

Dr Terry Hoover Tournament Director
Mr Larry Stiner Clearfield Area Sr HS
Mr Frank Palaggo D9 Committee Officials Representative
Mr Jerry Linsenbigler Curwensville Area Sr HS

Tuesday, February 19, 2002, 7:00pm, Brockway Area Sr HS, Rooms 400/401. Coaches will be responsible for selecting a Seeding Chairman for each tournament, AA / AAA.

Entry into the District IX Tournament is a two-part process.
(A) Entries will be first verified at the seeding meeting. There will be no substitution at the tournament unless it is for a verified injury or illness. A wrestler may not change weight classes once entered in a weight at the seed meeting to weigh-ins.
(B) To finalize entry the wrestler must make weight at the weight class entered at the seed meeting.
There will be no forfeits in the first round of wrestling. All empty lines on the brackets will be considered byes.

Contagious disease forms are to be only on PIAA approved forms, preferably at the weigh-in, but mandatory prior to competition.


Friday, 2/22
4:00pm AA Preliminary Round 3 mats
Session 1 Quarterfinal Round 3 mats
        Consolation - Round 1 3 mats
       Consolation - Round 2 3 mats

Saturday, 2/23
10:00am AAA Quarterfinal Round 3 mats
            Session 2 AA
            SemiFinal Round 2 mats (follows AAA immediately)
* together on one mat AA
            Consolations - Round 3 1 mat* AAA Consolations - Round 1 1 mat*

(12:30pm) AAA Semi-Final Round 2 mats
Session 3 5:30pm AA/AAA Consolation Finals 3 mats

6:30pm AA/AAA Finals - Parade of Champions 2 mats

Gates will open 1 hour prior to the beginning of each session

Friday 2/22 1:00pm-2:00pm
Saturday 2/23 8:00-9:00am
Saturday 2/23 8:30am - 9:30pm

The scales will be open for weigh-in checks for a hour prior to the first posted weigh-in time each day. This is an as allowed basis with the scales being closed 5 minutes prior to the beginning of each weigh-in period. The PIAA referees will be responsible for the format and completion of the weigh-ins. Wrestlers will have to pass hair and fingernail checks prior to gaining entry to the scales for weight. Completed and current PIAA contagious skin disease forms are preferred at this time, however, it must be cleared prior to the start of competition.

Friday 2/22    AA 3:00pm Room 204 Tippin Gym
Saturday 2/23 AAA 9:30am Room 204 Tippin Gym
        AA/AAA 5:00pm Room 204 Tippin Gym

Radio, TV, or Internet wishing to broadcast, live or tape, the tournament must make arrangements for hook-up through Bob Carlson, AD, Clarion Univ, 814-226- 1997.
Broadcast Fees: Per Day - Friday, 2/22 $50.00 Saturday, 2/23 $75.00 Physical placement of equipment and hook-ups at Tippin Gym will be directed by Mr Bob Carlson, AD at Clarion University of PA.

Clarion University's Chandler Dining Hall, up the hill, will be available throughout the tournament.

Friday, 2/23/02

1:15-3:00pm Pre-meet meal $5.10

Saturday, 2/24/02

8:15-10:00am Breakfast $3.10
3:30-5:00pmDinner $5.10

Special Note: For all meals, CUP would like to have a head count. You do not necessarily have to pre-pay, but a count is needed for planning.

Arrangements for team meals, count and pre-pay can be made through Ms DeDe VanEpps, CUP Athletic office, 814-393-1997.

Checks for pre-pay should be made out to Chartwells.

Information concerning tickets can be obtained from Mr Robert Tonkin, District IX Secretary/Treasurer, at 814-849-7249. There will be NO advance sale.

Student $2.00 Student Series $6.00
Adult $5.00 Adult Series $15.00

All program information/arrangements are to be made through Mr Bob Carlson, AD - Clarion U of PA, 814-226-1997.

The District IX Committee will award a Team Trophy and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place plaques to individuals placewinners at each weight in AA and AAA.
The Joseph Kata Award for the Outstanding Wrestling, AA & AAA, will be provided by the District IX Committee.
The Coach of the Year Award, AA & AAA, will be provided by the D9 Wrestling Coaches Association.
All wrestlers must meet all PIAA eligibility standards, and a current PIAA signed eligibility list must be presented at the Seed Meeting. PLEASE SUBMIT AT THAT TIME.

To be consistent with PIAA policy wrestlers will adhere to the following regulations on dress and behavior while they are on the floor of the gym. This policy will be enforced, loss of team points for unsportsmanlike behavior or disqualification, throughout Districts, Regionals, States.

All contestants must be dressed in school-issued uniforms and/or school-issued warm-ups while on the arena floor and during award presentations and photographs. Hats, sunglasses, cut-offs, altered clothing or clothing displaying inappropriate advertisements, jewelry, or other cosmetic paraphernalia are prohibited while on the floor -PIAA

Again, the D9 Committee will maintain a clear floor asking contestants and coaches to sit in the designated areas and be on the floor only when wrestling or on deck. At all times only the appropriate persons are to be on the floor. Individuals are to wear issued passes to be on the floor at the appropriate times.

It is also recommended by the PA Wrestling Coaches Association that Coaches dress appropriately throughout the tournament, as professional representatives of the sport.

1. Schools will receive locker room assignments from Mr Bob Carlson, CUP. Teams are asked to be responsible for the care of their assigned areas.
2. You are responsible for the security and safety of your team valuables and equipment.
3. Spectator and participant behavior will be according to PIAA rules, regulations, and expectations.
4. The five District IX all sport passes, 2001-02, issued to each member school will be honored at the tournament.
5. Wrestlers and participants will be admitted using a Contestants Floor pass. These will be distributed at the Seed Mtg or at the beginning of Tournaments.

District IX