Jamestown Holiday Classic Tournament Jamestown, NY December 14-15, 2001 Ridgway District IX    Dubois

37 teams total of which 7 were from Pennsylvania.
Team scores:

Spencerport, New York, presently ranked 33rd in the Nation scored 319.5 to 2nd place Lakeview's 227.00 points.

Here are some basic results from the Jamestown New York Tournament:

Team Results:
District IX Teams
Dubois 3rd
Ridgway 9th
Other PA Teams:
Lakeview 2nd
Hickory 5th
Sharpsville 10th
Grove City  20th
Sheffield  22nd
Individual Results:
Josh Anderson    Ridgway  1st (4th Championship at Jamestown Holiday Tournament)
Brandon Dixon   Dubois   2nd at 103
Nick Stoltz     Dubois   2nd at 130(Injured in Semis)
Dom Morelli     Dubois   2nd at 160
Kip Null        Dubois   3rd at 189
Eric Schmidt    Dubois   3rd at 275

Like Kane at Springfield, a big part of DuBois' success came from fielding successful entries at both 96 and 215.

>From the NY Section VI web site: 17th ANNUAL JAMESTOWN HOLIDAY WRESTLING CLASSIC 12/14-15/01 1. 319.5 Spencerport (Spen) 2. 227.0 Lakeview (Lake) 3. 166.0
Dubois (DuB) -- PA 4. 157.0 Fredonia (Fred) 5. 153.5 Hickory (Hick) 6. 126.5 Niagara Falls (NF) 7. 125.0 Newfane (Newf) 8. 114.5 Southwestern (SW) 9. 100.5 Ridgway (Rid) -- PA 10. 99.5 Sharpsville (Sharp) 11. 93.5 Attica (Att) 12. 87.5 Niagara-Wheatfield (NW) 13. 82.0 Ripley (Rip) 14. 81.0 Olean (Ol) 15. 77.5 Jamestown (Jam) 16. 77.0 Falconer (Fal) 17. 73.5 Salamanca (Sal) 18. 68.5 Frewsburg (Frew) 19. 67.5 Panama (Pan) 20. 63.0 Grove City (GC) -- PA 21. 57.5 Lockport (Lkpt) 22. 53.0 Sheffield (Shef) -- PA 23. 52.0 Allegany-Limestone (Allg) 24. 50.5 Gowanda (Gow) 25. 46.0 Wellsville (Wells) 26. 45.5 Grand Island (GI) 27. 44.0 Bolivar-Richburg (B-R) 28. 44.0 Cassadaga Valley (CV) 29. 42.5 Portville (Port) 30. 40.0 Pine Valley (PV) 31. 36.5 Silver Creek (SC) 32. 35.5 Cattaraugus-Little Valley (Catt) 33. 30.0 Randolph (Ran) 34. 22.5 Westfield (West) 35. 10.0 Chautauqua Lake (Chau) 36. 4.0 Franklinville (Frkv) 37. 2.0 Maple Grove (MG)
Outstanding Wrestler - RYAN NEEDLE (Newfane) - 135# 96 Josh Fuller (Spen) 4-2 Brandon Dixon (DuB) Dusty Truver (SW) 1-0 Phil Kavanaugh (SC) Steve Panio (Ol) 4-1 Andrew Taylor (B-R) 103 Brett Woodward (Spen) 8-1 Scott Johnston (Rip) John Fleming (Lake) 1:54 Jeff Hoffman (Hick) Alec Miller (GC) 14-2 Pat Loewer (Fred) 112 Tim Gadsby (Lake) 2:47 Blake Woodward (Spen) Bill Hulme (Att) 16-6 Corey O'Neil (Sal) Shea Anzivine (Ol) 4-2 Joe Stanz (Jam) 119 Josh Anderson (Ridg) 10-1 Jeremy Stopa (Newf) Kevin Rosplock (CV) 4-1 Chris Ciechoski (GI) Jay Yachetta (Fal) Med Forf Jeff Teike (Spen) 125 Mike Terenzi (Spen) 3-1 Jeremy Hazlett (Newf) Matt Campion (Frew) 2:32 Josh Eagan (NF) Aaron Peters (Allg) 4-3 Matt Strandburg (Fred) 130 Justin Perry (Fred) Med Forf Nick Stoltz (DuB) Dan France (Spen) 4-3 Robert Klinger (NF) Steve Ward (B-R) 2-0 Shane Uber (SW) 135 Ryan Needle* (Newf) 9-1 Mike Brongo (Spen) Jaymee Minner (Sal) 7-2 John Drew (Lake) Korey Larson (NW) 5:03 Angelo Cusatis (NF) 140 Joshua Lange (NW) 7-2 Bob Russell (Pan) Danny Vandyke (Lake) 2-1 Chuck Zimmerman (Spen) Dan Martinez (Port) 6-2 Nick Mowery (Ol) 145 Marc Babcock (Rip) Med Forf Carman Russo (Hick) Joe Morabito (Spen) 5-1 Larry Aceti (NF) Wade Alexander (Lake) 2:12 Tony Zimmerman (Ridg) 152 Ron Haywood (Sharp) 4-1 tb Steve Stulpin (Spen) Wil Sidey (Fred) 3-1 sd Tony Margeson (Allg) Mike Campion (Frew) 11-4 John Thrush (Gow) 160 Don Zimmerman (Spen) 15-10 Dom Morelli (DuB) Mike Kulka (Sharp) 2:55 Tyle Shearer (Lake) Mike DeArment (Hick) 3-2 Bill Bean (Pan) 171 Caleb Carnrite (Fred) 8-7 Matt Morris (Spen) Kane Smith (Sal) 6-2 Mike Linza (Wells) Jake Gerhardt (Att) 6-2 Levio Baldarelli (Hick) 189 Matt Holsapple (Sharp) 8-6 Deke Ison (Lake) Kip Kull (DuB) 2:00 Eric Herman (PV) Aaron Jackson (Frew) 16-3 Josh Sova (Lkpt) 215 Jim Nelson (SW) 3:07 Ben Plucknette (Spen) Eric Hill (Catt) 18-8 Bobby Everly (Hick) Rich Posey (NF) 4:52 Geoff Colbey (DuB) 275 Brad Watson (Lake) 2-0 Ryan DeArment (Hick) Eric Schmidt (DuB) 12-3 Brian Nary (Ol) Brandon Clayton (Spen) 2:36 Scott Jones (Newf)

JAMESTOWN - Olean High had four top-six placefinishers in placing 14th at the Southern Tier Wrestling Officials Jamestown Holiday Classic on Friday and Saturday.

The Huskies tallied 82 points to finish tops among the eight Big 30 schools in the 37-team field. Spencerport won the team title with 319 points - putting nine wrestlers in the finals, with four champions, and ending with 14 top-six placewinners overall. The 319 points was a tournament record, breaking a mark of 275 set by Ridgway in 1994.

The title was the third in four yeas for Spencerport and its eighth since 1988.

Ridgway placed ninth with 100.5 points, led by 119-pound champion Josh Anderson.

No Big 30 wrestler made the finals, but among the winners were Fredonia's Justin Perry at 130 and Caleb Carnrite at 171, and Southwestern's Jim Nelson at 215. Olean's finish was its best since placing ninth behind the Elkers in 1993. Salamanca placed 17th, Allegany-Limestone 23rd, Wellsville 25th, Bolivar-Richburg 27th, Portville 29th, Cattaraugus 32nd, and Franklinville 36th.

District 9 Class AAA power DuBois High was in the tournament for the first time and placed third with 166 points. The Beavers had six placewinners, including three runners-up.

The championship finals:

96: Josh Fuller (Spencerport) 4-2 Brandon Dixon (Dubois)
103: Brett Woodward (Spencerport) 8-1 Scott Johnston (Ripley)
112: Tim Gadsby (Lakeview) 2:47 Blake Woodward (Spencerport)
119: Josh Anderson (Ridgway) 10-1 Jeremy Stopa (Newfane)
125: Mike Terenzi (Spencerport) 4-1 Jeremy Hazlett (Newfane)
130: Justin Perry (Fredonia) forfeit win Nick Stoltz (Dubois)
135: Ryan Needle (Newfane) 9-1 Mike Brongo (Spencerport)
140: Joshua Lange (Niagara-Wheatfield) 7-2 Bob Russell (Panama)
145: Marc Babcock (Ripley) forfeit win Carman Russo (Hickory)
152: Ron Haywood (Sharpsville) 1-1 tie-braker Steve Stuplin (Spencerport)
160: Don Zimmerman (Spencerport) 15-10 Dom Morelli (Dubois)
171: Caleb Carnrite (Fredonia) 8-7 Matt Morris (Spencerport)
189: Matt Holsapple (Sharpsville) 8-6 Deke Ison (Lakeview)
215: Jim Nelson (Southwestern) 3:07 Ben Plucknette (Spencerport)
275: Brad Watson (Lakeview) 2-0 Ryan Ament (Hickory)

From the Jamestown (NY) Post-Journal

12/16/01- Spencerport's power has never been doubted around the Southern Tier. Just to be safe, the Section 5 wrestling powerhouse made sure it stayed that way.

Of the 15 weight classes at Saturday's final day of the 17th annual Jamestown Holiday Classic, Spencerport had a wrestler place in 14 of them, including putting nine wrestlers in the finals and four atop the podium. Needless to say, the Rangers were dominating en route to their third title at Jamestown Community College's Physical Education Complex in four years.

Spencerport finished with 319.5 points, more than 90 points better than second-place Lakeview, to claim the championship while starting the tournament with 44 straight wins to get a solid jump on the competition. ''I've had good teams, but I've never seen that,'' Spencerport coach Bill Jacoutot said of his team's opening streak. ''I've never seen it. ''We still have a lot to work on - we're losing some matches that I think we should win, but, overall, how could I say that we are not pleased. We put 95 percent of our wrestlers in the semis and 60 percent in the finals.'' And that was more than enough for a team whose first-day total of 91.5 would have placed them 12th in the 37-team tournament.

Fredonia finished as the top team from Chautauqua County, compiling 157 points for a fourth-place finish while also claiming two individual titles as Caleb Carnrite and Justin Perry each took the top spot on the podium in their respective classes. "This wasn't four or five guys coming in and scoring points,'' Fredonia coach Alex Conti said of his team's performance. ''I think our team ended up in fourth place overall, but it's because we had 13 of our guys score points for us - that was the best part. ''The kids came back, wrestled tough and stayed off their back and that was the important part.''

The 171-pound Carnrite found himself down 6-2 and unable to get much going after the first period of his finals showdown with Spencerport's Matt Morris. But Carnrite turned things around in the second period. With the score still 6-2, Carnrite scored a takedown with 32 seconds left in the second, then benefitted from a pair of near-fall points to even the match entering the final period. Carnrite struck first in the third with another takedown, this one coming with 1:17 remaining, to take an 8-6 lead. Morris managed to escape, cutting the lead, to 8-7, but was unable to score again, leaving Carnrite the champion.

''I think the back points I got at the very edge of the mat was the turnaround in the match,'' Carnrite said. ''The kid was tough. I just had to hit my switches and work behind him.''

Perry's title came in a much less-dramatic fashion as his 130-pound opponent, Nick Stoltz of Dubois, was forced to forfeit the match. Perry wasn't the only champion crowned due to a forfeit as Ripley's Marc Babcock won the 145-pound title when Hickory's Carman Russo forfeited for medical reasons. ''I really would have liked to win it on the mat, but I've never done good here and it's just a real honor to be a champion here at JCC,'' said Babcock, last year's Section 6 runner up. ''I figured this tournament would really show me if I have what it takes to win a sectional title.''

One of the most dominating finals performances came from Southwestern's Jim Nelson. Nelson, Western New York's top-ranked 215-pounder, wasted no time against Spencerport's Ben Plucknette in the finals, taking him down in the opening seconds of the match. Nelson kept Plucknette down for the entire first period, flirting with a pin the entire time, before finally completing the fall 53 seconds into the second period. ''I wanted to pin him, because that's what I do,'' said Nelson, who recorded four pins just to get to the finals. ''I just wanted to set him up, shoot my double, taking him to his back and pin him.''

The only other finals pin came from Lakeview's Tim Gadsby, who scored a 2:47 fall over Spencerport's Blake Woodward at 112 pounds.

Ripley's Scott Johnston and Panama's Bob Russell each worked themselves into the finals, but ran into trouble in the championship. Johnston couldn't get anything working on the 103-pound top seed Brett Woodward of Spencerport as Woodward rolled to an 8-1 victory. Russell, the 140-pound second seed, fell behind early to top-seed Josh Lange of Niagara Wheatfield and could never recover as Lange claimed a 7-2 win.

Newfane's Ryan Needle claimed the 135-pound title with his 9-1 victory over Spencerport's Mike Brongo while also being named the tournament's Most Outstanding Wrestler.

Josh Fuller, Mike Terenzi and Don Zimmerman each claimed an individual title for Spencerport. Fuller topped Dubois' Brandon Dixon, 4-2, at 96-pounds while Terenzi scored a 4-1 win over Jeremy Hazlett of Newfane at 125 and Zimmerman opened the championship matches with a 15-10 downing of Dubois' Dom Morelli at 160 pounds.

Ridgway's Josh Anderson became a four-time Jamestown Holiday Classic champion with his 10-1 win over Newfane's Jeremy Stopa at 119 pounds. Ron Haywood and Matt Holsapple each won titles for Sharpsville. Haywood claimed the 152-pound title via tie-breaker over Spencerport's Steve Stuplin while the 189-pound Holsapple scored an 8-6 victory over Lakeview's Deke Ison.

Lakeview's Brad Watson claimed the 275-pound title with a 2-0 downing of Ryan DeArment.

From The Derrick
JAMESTOWN, N.Y. - Lakeview's Tim Gadsby and Brad Watson defended their titles to lead the Sailors to a second-place finish in the 37-team Jamestown Holiday Classic.

Spencerport won the team title with 3191/2 points. Lakeview finished with 227.

Gadsby, who won his championship last season at 103 pounds, claimed the 112-pound crown with a pin in 2:47 over Spencerport's Blake Woodward.

Watson repeated his title at heavyweight where he posted a 2-0 decision over Ryan DeArment of Hickory.

Deke Ison also reached the finals for the Sailors, losing an 8-6 decision to Sharpsville's Matt Holsopple at 189 pounds.

Earning thirds for Lakeview were John Fleming (103) and Danny Van Dyke (140). Tyler Shearer placed fourth at 160 and Wade Alexander was fifth at 145.

Grove City's Alec Miller was the Eagles' lone placewinner with a fifth-place finish at 103 pounds.

Lakeview will return to action Tuesday when it hosts Cambridge Springs.

Grove City will visit Slippery Rock the same evening.

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