Mid-Season Classic - District IX
6th Annual
Saturday, Jan. 19, 2002 @ Clarion High School
District IX 2001 tourney 2000 tourney

2002 Champions! - photo on its way...

Final Team Standings RANK,SCHOOL NAME,TEAM POINTS 1,Redbank Valley,154.0 2,Mercer,130.0 3,Johnsonburg,112.0 4,Clarion Area,107.5 5,Coudersport,100.0 6,Butler, 96.0 7,Curwensville, 92.0 8,Port Allegany, 91.0 9,Smethport, 59.0 10,Cameron County, 56.0 11,A-C Valley Keystone Union, 53.5 12,Oswayo Valley, 33.0
Weight Class Results 103 Pounds 1st Brock Frederick (CPT) by a decision of 3-2 over Frank Magagnotti (RV) 3rd Lewis Kuklinskie (CUR) by a decision of 3-2 over Josh Lundy (OV) 112 Pounds 1st Keith Pavlekovsky (RV) by pin in 4.25 over Steve Curry (CUR) 3rd Mark Foltz (SPT) by a major decision of 12-2 over Eric Henry (CLA) 119 Pounds 1st Keith Miller (JBG) by a major decision of 12-0 over Joe Garrison (RV) 3rd Bryan Kiskadden (CLA) (by a technical fall of 15-0 over Sean Pelusi (BUT) 125 Pounds 1st Josh Sicilian (MER) by a decision of 15-9 over Seth Hammond (RV) 3rd Eric Grenci (BUT) by pin in 5.42 over B.J. Greenman (PA) 130 Pounds 1st Tyler Wagner (CPT) by a decision of 4-0 over Greg Nolf (RV) 3rd Eric Iorfido (JBG) by a decision of 2-1 over Paul O'Neil (CLA) 135 Pounds 1st Matt Watterson (CLA) by pin in 2.46 over Tyler Wilkinson (CUR) 3rd Patt Freeman (OV) by pin in 3.56 over Gary Gombos (BUT) 140 Pounds 1st T.J. McCance (BUT) by a decision of 2-1 over Jeremiah Frederick (CPT) 3rd Rick Trowbridge (MER) by a decision of 8-3 over Dean Swatsworth (CUR) 145 Pounds 1st Charlie Burk (MER) in overtime 2-2 over Isaac Wright (CPT) 3rd Joe Davis (BUT) by pin in 2.39 over Ty Williams (ACKU) 152 Pounds 1st Francis Iorfido (JBG) by a decision of 6-0 over Mike Kennell (MER) 3rd Steve Spees (PA) by a decision of 5-4 over Doug Nolf (RV) 160 Pounds 1st Steve Iorfido (JBG) by a decision of 9-7 over Dustin Huffman (RV) 3rd Levi Mohney (ACKU) by a major decision of 10-1 over Nate Sipes (CUR) 171 Pounds 1st Adam Rohrer (PA) by a major decision of 14-6 over Mike Leet (SPT) 3rd Travis Bell (MER) by pin in 2.40 over Mitch Carnathan (ACKU) 189 Pounds 1st Kyle Cathcart (CLA) by a decision of 9-4 over Gideon Hornung (CAM) 3rd Branden Bice (MER) by pin in 3.49 over Alan Lovell (PA) 275 Pounds 1st Gary Clark (CAM) by pin in 2.32 over Casey Petteys (PA) 3rd Ben Scott (SPT) in overtime 3-2 over Jesse Bova (CPT)
Outstanding Wrestler - Kyle Cathcart - Clarion Area

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