Dubois vs Redbank Valley 12/4/02 @ location District IX

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Bout results:

103  forfeit by both teams
112  Frank Magagnotti RV dec. Brandon Dixon D 5-1  
119  Corey Roman D maj dec Mitch Smail RV  11-2
125  Jack Wruble D pinned Casey Dinger RV  5:09
130  Seth Hammond RV pinned Zack Bussard D  5:17
135  Scott Smith RV dec Rob Coccimiglio D  4-2
140  Evan Greene D dec Brady McCauley RV  12-11
145  Jordan Audrulonis D maj dec Brandon Brinker RV  9-0
152  Mario Morelli D pinned Matt Steffy RV  3:20
160  Justin Smith D maj dec Shay Magagnotti RV  14-6
171  John Zimmerman D dec Larry Greenawalt RV 11-6
189  Andrew Kespehler RV pinned Mike Stewart D  3:03
215  Eric Schmidt D pinned Nathan Henry RV  2:58
275  Jordan Lydick D dec Charles Boozer RV 2-1
Ending score 39-18 Dubois  (started at 130)
JV 152 Frank Gunchrum D dec Zack Skinner RV 9-2

Redbank took 9th out of 16 teams at the Top Hat Tourn in Williamsport over the weekend.
Frank Magagnotti 103 took 2nd
Charles Boozer 275 took 2nd
Seth Hammond 125 took 6th

Dubois top Redbank Valley