A-C Valley/ Keystone/ Union Wrestling
District IX 2001-2002

2002 - 2003 Schedule:

Dec 5 Brockway                           Away     cancelled
Dec 7 Varsity only Rocky Grove Tourney   Away
Dec.12 Slippery Rock                   Away ??
Clarion                         Home 22-54
Dec 20 Jamestown 18-66
Jan.3 Jamestown, PA                    Away ??
Curwensville                       Away 12-66
Jan.11 Pine-Richland Varsity Only        Away
Jan.15 Bucktail                         Home 28-45
Jan.18 Clarion Classic Varsity Only      Away
Jan.21 Cranberry                        Away
Feb. 8 Varsity only Bucktail Tourney     Away
Feb.11 N. Cambria/Portage At N. Cambria  Away

All matches start at 6pm except for Cranberry which is 5:30pm
The two tourneys start at 9 AM

Dec. 14 There will be a novice tournament for JO's at AC Valley beginning at 9 am
Feb. 8 there will be a JO tourney at Keystone . Weighins will begin at 6 am (that is what it says).

All of the above are Junior high, junior varsity and varsity matches.

F/S   2/21-22  Districts @ Clarion
F/S   2/29-3/1 Regions @ Altoona
R/F/S 3/6-7-8  PIAA States @ Hershey


Varsity Head:      Libby Hansford
Varsity Assistant:   Rob Sintobin, Forrest Hurrelbrink, John Felmlee
Junior High Head:   
Junior High Assistant:
Volunteers/ others:
Trainer:    Angie Parsons

Members: 02-03
Weight Name                            Grade 103 Amanda Everett    11 125 Taylor Myers (10) or Ruth Pippin (9) 130 Charlie Blake 10 135 Corey Clawson 11 145 Trevor Miller 10 152 Travis Earp (12) or Ty Williams (11) 160 Levi Mohney 12 189 Frank Fisher (10) or Mike Jacobson (9) 215 Cody Colwell 9 275 Ted Pippin 10


Dec. 7 Rocky Grove Varsity Tourney -Overall ACVKU took fourth with the following wrestlers placing: Ty Williams and Levi Mohney -1st place, Corey Clawson and Ted Pippin-2nd place, Amanda Everett and Charlie Blake- 3rd place, Eric Baughman and Travis Earp-4th place

Dec. 20 Slippery Rock 39- ACVKU 30 Travis Earp-pin, Amanda Everett, Corey Clawson, Ty Williams and Ted Pippin all received forfeits

Dec. 20 Jamestown 66, ACVKU 18- Ty Williams, Levi Mohney and Travis Earp had pins

Jan 7- Curwensville 66- ACVKU 12 Levi Mohney and Travis Earp received pins

Jan. 11-Pine Richland Tourney Levi Mohney-1st, Ty Williams and Travis Earp-3rd place and Eric Baughman-4th place

Jan. 15 Bucktail 45, ACVKU 28-Ty Williams and Levi Mohney-pins, Cory Clawson-major decision, Amanda Everett and Ruth Pippin received forfeits.


Jan. 18-Clarion Classic

Jan. 21 away at Cranberry

Feb. 8-Bucktail Tourney

Feb. 1 Winter Wrestling PartyVarsity and Junior High wrestling with ACVKU, Quigley, Ellwood City and other invited teams

Feb. 8- JO tournament at Keystone

Feb. 11- At N. Cambria and Portage

Athletic Director: Mark Whisner (Keystone)
  Superintendent: W. Barnett Knorr
       Principal: Daren Johnston
Address: RR 2 Box 3B
            Knox, PA 16232
Phone: 814-797-1261
   Fax: 814-797-2868

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