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I received this unsolicited E-mail (aka spam) yesterday. Near as I can figure, they are offering to provide the same service that District IX Wrestling is already doing - except they want $10/ month.

Dear Wrestling Supporter:

Would you like to be able to put your club on the internet map?

Is there information you want others to know about your club?

Can new families in town find you?

What if we could show you how your club could get on the internet, without any technical expertise? What would it be worth to be able to post tournament schedules, results, contacts and news items about your club to be available for club members and others to view? Would it be worth $10 a month? Well, we can put YOUR CLUB ON THE INTERNET for less than that!

We are, a new service providing web services tailored to the wrestling clubs of America. If you can answer a few questions, fill out a form from your web browser, then you can put your club on the internet in under 30 minutes! A web site built to tell others about your club! Who you are, when you practice, how to get in touch with you! Publish results about tournaments you have attended. Publish NEWS about your club! Do you get calls wondering where your club will be competing this weekend? Solve the communication problem! Post your schedule on the web! Anyone with a browser, an AOL account, or any other internet provider will be able to go see what you are doing!

All this, for under $10 per month! No, not $9.95, not even $9.00, but for the incredibly low price of $8.35 per month! Yes, you read that correctly, for less than $8.50 per month you can let your club be seen! will build and host your web-site for only $100 a year (that's 8.35 per month)!

Would you like to be able to have others find information about your club on the internet? Would you like to get your club published? Do you have 15-30 minutes to spare filling out some basic information about your club? If you answered yes to these questions, point your browser to:

and get your club noticed today!

If you know of any others who may be interested in our service, please forward this note to them!

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