Response to contributions to the Lenny Ferraro Memorial Fund

The Lenny Ferraro Good Samaritan Fund

District IX Lenny Ferraro Brookville

Dear Raider Mat Club Contributor:

Lenny was always special to me. I did not realize until after reading nearly five hundred cards and letters sent following Lenny's death how many other people knew what a truly warm and kind-hearted man he was.

Al most unanimously, the cards and letters describe Lenny in a similar manner: quietly strong, fair and modest... always doing for others without looking for or wanting recognition of any kind in return.

It is because of these qualities that my family and I, with the support of the Raider Mat Club, have decided what should be done with the funds donated in Len's honor by so many generous people.

The "Raider Mat Club Good Samaritan Fund" has been officially established. The purpose of this fund is just at the name implies: to benefit anyone down on their luck who could use a boost from a friend.

For example, if a young boy is not able to afford a pair of wrestling shoes, the shoes just might show up in his locker...

On a larger scale, if a family is devastated by flood or fire, perhaps groceries would show up a their house every week for a month...

This service is available to anybody in any town who could benefit from our help. If we are made aware that there is a problem and we are able to help, we will.

No recognition. No thanks necessary.

If the money from this fund should run out, then our work is done. However, it would be even greater if this fund could be perpetual. Please don't hesitate to mention to your friends that donations continue to be accepted, and will in turn be put to good use - done Lenny's style - quietly; without recognition.

The Raider Mat Club, my family, and I wish to thank you for all your confidence that your donations would be used in a way that Lenny himself would have used them.

We all loved Lenny and wanted him to be proud of our decision. We think this will make him happy.

Thank you, everyone, for making the "Raider Mat Club Good Samaritan Fund" a reality.

Christie Ferraro


The Raider Mat Club is compiling a memory book of Lenny Ferraro. The Mat Club is requesting that if you have a special memory of Lenny; an experience shared with Lenny; or any thoughts you may have remembering Lenny, please write your ideas on a large index card and return the card to Janie Gilligan. The address is 67 Rebecca St., Brookville, PA 15825 Your ideas will be greatly appreciated and cherished by the Ferraro family.

Thank you!

If you are aware of anyone else who may not have received this notice, please make a copy and forward it to their attention.

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