International Space Station Model Kits!
NASA, in the work of developing the International Space Station, contracted with Intermountain Railways of Colorado to develop and build accurate scale models. These models are now available to the general public. International Space Station Model photo Roughly three feet long, two feet high, and two feet deep, the model comes with an attractive display stand. Accurate scientific information on the actual assembly schedule and the function of each component is available online directly from NASA at Retail price on the model is $189.95 plus $10 S&H If you are interested, contact the D9 Webmaster at Space Station Model or write to: Space Station Model RD #1 Box 157 Sligo, PA 16255

Space Station Model


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I'm not equipped to process credit cards yet, but I'm working on that. Until then, checks will do nicely. Print this page out, fill in your name and address, and send the whole thing to: Space Station Model c/o Daniel F. Carey RR #1 Box 157 Sligo, PA 16255 phone calls: 814-745-2956
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