Redbank Valley Bulldogs vs Cranberry Berries Saturday, December 21, 1996 12:00 Noon @ Cranberry
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Redbank Cranberry Score

The Redbank Bulldogs, giving up two forfeits to the Cranberry Berries (home of last year's PIAA State Champ Jack Rice) ripped off nine straight wins from 112 to 160 to sew up a 39-22 victory this weekend.

After Cranberry cashed in their initial forfeit, Redbank quickly got on the board with falls from Matt Boozer and Anthony Adams. Shawn Smith ground out a comfortable 5-0 win over Brad Rice to up the Bulldogs lead to 15-6.

Freshman Matt Brinker hammered out a 7-0 lead over DJ Vogan, but was pushed by the coaches for the major decision. Letting Vogan up with thirty seconds in the match, Brinker was caught in a quick headlock and had to scramble to avoid the fall. Fellow freshman Nate Gourley was taken down quickly by Randy Rowland, but was able to work effectively on the mat, turning a reversal and two pinning combinations into a 7-2 victory.

Lenny McNeal ran up a 14-0 lead in the first period, but Nick Shoup wisely clammed up on the bottom and let two stall calls terminate a Tech Fall, rather than risk the pin. Shawn Wadding. fighting off the effects of cutting weight, worked a cautious match @ 145 to build an almost insurmountable 29-6 lead for Redbank before workout partner Erik Rupp sealed the day with a 6-1 win over Cranberry leader Chad Findlay. Working on "the best defense is a good offense" theory, Rupp attacked Findlay with a relentless series of single and double leg shots that kept the Berry on his heels the entire match.

With the team score in the bag, Todd Dinger went out at 160 and tried to end his match early with his unorthodox headlock series. After building a 9-1 lead in the 1st period, Dinger elected neutral to continue the strategy. Yielding another TD early in the 2nd, Tim Dawes fired off a headlock of his own and there was some serious scrambling going on before Dinger was able to work his way back on top to finish out the Tech Fall.

At 171, senior Cory Moore was trying to avenge an old score, as Lane Biddle had apparently slammed him years ago in a junior-high match. However, Moore's attempt to muscle Biddle backfired, as he got out-slicked and gave up a 3-16 major decision.

Cashing in their second forfeit at 189 and picking up a fall at 275, the Berries put some last-minute points on the board, but it was again too little, too late. Redbank moves to 2-0 in duals as they prepare to host their Christmas Tournament next weekend.

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