Redbank Bulldogs vs Kane Wolves Fri., Jan 10, 1997 @ Redbank   Referee: Tom Prechtl


103	forfeit	    Stephen Danielson	 forf	 0	 6
112	Matt Boozer	Chad Farnsworth	   1:14	 6	 6
119	Anthony Adams   Jason Swanson	     0:52	12	 6
125	forfeit	    Terry Hollingshead	forf	12	12
130	Matt Brinker    Jonathan Ackley	   2:10	18	12
135	Nate Gourley    Josh McDermott	    2:58	24	12
140	Lenny McNeal    forfeit	           forf	30	12
145	Benji Shaffer   Jesse Jolly	      14-5	 34	12
152	Erik Rupp	  Tim Farnsworth	    0:40	40	12
160	Todd Dinger	Quinn Stewart	     6-7	 40	15
171	Cory Moore	 Chris Wilson	      4-16	40	19
189	Jason Barnett   Erik Gatewood	     1:17	40	26
275	Scott Harriger  forfeit	           forf	46	26


Following hard on the heels of the Clarion dual, Redbank met the Kane Wolves at home on Friday night. Again, both teams forfeited two weights, so only nine bouts were wrestled. Kane is short-handed at 140 and 275 - and while Redbank's 275, Scott Harriger, is back in the lineup, Shawn Smith put his car in a snowbank Friday morning and had to sit out due to missing school. A heavy snowfall on Thursday put Redbank into an early dismissal and cancelled practice, so several wrestlers were stepping and fetching to make weight on Friday. With Smith gone for the day, Brinker elected to eat and bump up to 130. The others just had to suffer.

Redbank got going early again, as their lightweights put many points on the board. Giving up just twelve points for the two forfeits, the Bulldogs notched falls at 112,119, 130, 135 and 152 - with a forfeit at 140 and a 14-5 major @ 145 - to run the score up to 40-12 and cinch the match.

Good thing, too, as Kane has three good upperweights. Todd Dinger had another great scramble of a bout, but came up on the short end of a 6-7 decision. Knotted 4-4 after 2, Dinger reversed out for a 6-4 lead, but couldn't control Stewart's hips as he gave up three - first, a one-point technical point for interlocking, and finally a reversal in the closing seconds.

Cory Moore dropped a 4-16 major to returning district IX runnerup Chris Wilson, and Kane got another fall @ 189. Redbank got a last 6 at 275, as Kane's entry was out sick.

Redbank advances to 4-0 and remains undefeated in duals. Next Friday's match against St. Mary's (AAA) will be no cakewalk, so the Bulldogs will have to be at full strength and on top of their game to keep it going.

Next Saturday is the initial outing for the District IX Mid-Season Classic, featuring eight District IX AA teams. Set up by the coaches as an attempt to establish some common experience between the "northern tier" and "southern tier" teams prior to Districts, everyone hopes that this event will go well and have a long and prosperous run.

Redbank top Kane