Redbank Valley vs Titusville

8 Feb, 1997

@ Redbank


     Redbank        Titusville       Score   Redbank  Titusville

103 forfeit Brian Swift forf 0 6   112 Matt Boozer Dave Wilcox 0-2 0 9   119 Anthony Adams Travis McGarvie 2:42 6 9   125 Matt Brinker Matt Varguson 1:01 12 9   130 forfeit Adam McKee forf 12 15   135 Nathan Gourley Shaun Roberts 4-7 12 18   140 Benji Shaffer Gabe Higley 3:58 12 24   145 Todd Dinger Brian Beers 3:19 18 24   152 Erik Rupp forfeit forf 24 24   160 Cory Moore Curtis Rodgers 5:19 24 30   171 Jason Barnett forfeit forf 30 30   189 forfeit Ben Mallory forf 30 36   275 Keith Troup forfeit forf 36 36 (crit 1 7-6)     The Bulldogs forfeited only three weight classes today, as heavyweight Keith Troup has come back. Shawn Smith and Lenny McNeal are both still out, but are expected back next week. Matt Boozer lost a close one on the basis of a first- period takedown. Anthony Adams unloaded a couple of flashy pinning combination to put Travis McGarvie away in the second period. Matt Brinker upped the pace and planted Matt Varguson at the 1:00 mark. Nathan Gourley dropped a hard-fought decision to Shaun Roberts. At one point, despite having both arms trapped, Gourley managed to score a reversal to pull it close at 2-4. Gabe Higley returned to the Rockets lineup today and earned his keep with a second period fall over Benji Shaffer. Then the big change in the RV lineup was trotted out, as Todd Dinger made a huge cut from 160 down to 145. Dinger started right off with a nice lateral drop for 5 points off the opening whistle before finishing off Brian Beers with a fall in the second. Erik Rupp cashed in the first of Redbank's forfeits to tie the match at 24-24, but the Rockets pulled back ahead with a fall from Curtis Rodgers at 160. With one actual match to go, the Bulldogs got "hoist by their own petard," in the words of the immortal bard. 171 being an "odd" match, Titusville was required to send their man out first. When Jason Barnett hit the mat early, Rocket coach Joe Eaton waved off the match and granted Redbank the 6. Ben Mallory then went out to take the forfeit at 189, which had been posted as a double-forfeit. After Redbank cashed in their last forfeit at 275, the score was tied 36-36, with Titus- ville taking the tie-breaker 7-6 on greatest number of matches won. A despondent Redbank coach Dan Carey was last seen heading out the door and mumbling incoherently about the Emlenton bridge... The irony of the situation was not lost upon him, as Redbank had used a similar maneuver to win over Oil City only two weeks ago. Redbank drops to 5-4 and is in the position of needing to win both matches in Wednesday's upcoming double-dual with A-C Valley and Elderton, short-handed, in order to pull off a winning season, as Next Friday's closing dual with Brookville seems rather predictable.  
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