Erie McDowell Wrestling Tournament Erie, PA December 16, 2000 District IX

Team Maplewood 235 St. Mary 195.5 Erie McDowell 177 Clearfield 166 Harborcreek 140.5 Brockway 133.5 Mercer 113.5 Northwestern 105 Championship Finals 103 Brent Davis MW dec. Brandon Wilczak McD 6-3 112 Ryan Meyer StM pinned Ryan Smith McD 5:07 119 Casey George McD Maj Dec Dan Parker MW 14-3 125 Josh Meyer StM dec. Teddy Adams CL 5-3 ot 130 Doug Surra StM pinned John Gilbert BW 1:13 135 Rick Trowbridge MR dec. Tom Calhoun BW 8-4 140 Josh Hollabaugh MW dec. Zac Shaffer MW 5-4 145 John Mulligan MW pinned Brian Kuhn McD 1:53 152 Kyle Greene CL dec. Scott Godfrey HC 12-9 160 Jimmy Gibson KC Maj. Dec. Kyle Tobin HC 13-2 171 Bill Howard MW pinned Tyler Reider StM 3:06 189 Chris White MR dec. Matt Wilcox MW 1-0 275 Ryan Marovich McD Maj. Dec. Jim Wells HC 12-3 Consolation Finals 103 Chris Love StM dec. Junior Lonjin CL 5-1 112 Josh Sicilian MR pinned Tony Lamonte NW 5:56 119 Zack Wagner CL pinned Henry Raybuck BW :57 125 Cory Mancuso BW pinned Scott Kitchner HC 4:04 130 Ryan Braddick MW dec. Chad George McD 8-4 135 Pino Scavella HC pinned Brian Young McD 3:02 140 Charlie Burk MR Maj. Dec. Brett Herberling BW 8-0 145 Adam English NW pinned Brandon Lingle CL 4:04 152 Benji Martini BW dec. Shawn Scrivens MW 3-2 160 David Richards CL dec. Dustin Ruberto StM 5-3 171 Jake Rausch McD dec. Paul Hanson HC 6-4 ot 189 Kurt Hepler CL Maj. Dec. Kevin Klock StM 13-3 275 Dan Keebler StM dec. Kyle Smith BW 9-2

Notes: Yes on the round robin..... there were two pools. Four wrestlers per side. Each kid wrestled every one in their pool. Then the kids with the best record wrestled for 1st and 2nd. next was 3rd and 4th etc. Everyone got at least 4 matches.... kind of neat. One pool (145 I think) had everyone with one loss... the coaches decided by criteria who should wrestle for the various places. Most team points scored by each wrestler was what decided it I think. You are right about Kenedy Christian.... there were 9 teams listed but KC only had one kid. I have no idea what they did at that weight.

I think this format is better for the younger kids that in a regular tourney draw the #1 or #2 seed ... get spanked and sent to losers bracket and it is down hill from there.

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