Redbank Valley Christmas Tournament 2000

December 29-30, 2000

District IX  

Team Points

Media Results Report

RANK,  SCHOOL,              POINTS
1.,Greenville,(GNV),        176.0
2.,Clarion Area,(CLA),      147.0
3.,Jamestown,(JAM),         118.0
4.,Johnsonburg,(JBG),       116.5
5.,Lakeview,(LKV),          109.0
6.,Brockway,(BKW),          100.0
7.,Kittanning,(KIT),         93.5
8.,Cranberry,(CRN),          91.5
9.,Oil City,(OC),            91.0 
10.,Sharon,(SHN),            73.0
11.,Redbank Valley,(RBV),    71.5
12.,South Side Beaver,(SSB), 62.0
13.,Moshannon Valley,(MOV),  53.0
14.,Huntingdon,(HUN),        39.0
15.,Elderton,(ELD),          36.0
16.,Kennedy Christian,(KC),  29.0
17.,Rocky Grove,(RG),         5.0

Weight Class Results

103 Pounds
1st  Tim Gadsby (LKV) by a major decision of 12-2 over Andrew Jones (GNV)
3rd  Frank Magagnotti (RBV) by a decision of 10-5 over Matt McClellan (OC)
5th  Scott Bilich (HUN) by a decision of 3-2 over Mike Mallin (MOV)

112 Pounds
1st  Keith Miller (JBG) by a decision of 4-3 over Keith Pavlekovsky (RBV)
3rd  Dan Burns (GNV) by a major decision of 10-2 over Chad Smith (LKV)
5th  Toby Ochs (CLA) by a decision of 3-1 over Mike John (KIT)

119 Pounds
1st  Bryan Kiskadden (CLA) by a decision of 10-6 over Nathan Gardner (SSB)
3rd  Chris Peterson (GNV) by pin in 1.59 over Scott Godin (MOV)
5th  Jerry Stralko (CRN) in overtime 8-6 over Joe Garrison (RBV)

125 Pounds
1st  Dave Saadeh (ELD) by a decision of 5-4 over Drew Rose (LKV)
3rd  Cory Mancuso (BKW) by pin in 2.34 over Garrison Price (HUN)
5th  Greg Nolf (RBV) by a decision of 9-2 over Jared Hanna (GNV)

130 Pounds
1st  Billy Collins (GNV) by a decision of 5-3 over Ben Rizzo (CRN)
3rd  John Gilbert (BKW) by a major decision of 14-3 over Ryan Martell (SHN)
5th  Bud Stephens (JAM) by forfeit over Brandon Brodmerkel (SSB)

135 Pounds
1st  Chris Harnett (JAM) by a decision of 4-3 over Justin Kiser (GNV)
3rd  Matt Watterson (CLA) by pin in 5.34 over Keith Haslett (KIT)
5th  Tom Calhoun (BKW) by a major decision of 12-3 over Wade Alexander (LKV)

140 Pounds
1st  Evan Hoobler (LKV) by a decision of 3-0 over Thad Walstrom (MOV)
3rd  Francis Jovenitti (JBG) by a decision of 13-6 over Jacob Demmler (JAM)
5th  Jon Riley (HUN) by forfeit over Brett Heberling (BKW)

145 Pounds
1st  Adam Brochetti (KIT) by a major decision of 10-2 over Steve Iorfido (JBG)
3rd  Chrystan Bedell (SHN) by pin in 0.59 over Curt Bish (OC)
5th  Brian Swartzbeck (GNV) by a decision of 3-1 over Brian Luton (CLA)

152 Pounds
1st  Ezra Davis (OC) in overtime 7-5 over Francis Iorfido (JBG)
3rd  Dan Eaves (GNV) by pin in 2.45 over Cory Brown (JAM)
5th  Jake Lane (KIT) by a decision of 8-1 over Benji Martini (BKW)

160 Pounds
1st  Jimmy Gibson (KC) by a major decision of 11-3 over Nick Byler (JAM)
3rd  Jonathon Cantafio (BKW) by a decision of 5-3 over Nick Niznik (CLA)
5th  Luke Liszka (GNV) by a decision of 7-1 over Walter Knight (OC)

171 Pounds
1st  Mike Stephens (GNV) by a decision of 7-3 over Steve Kahle (CRN)
3rd  Ted Lawrence (CLA) by pin in 2.50 over Bill Bellas (KIT)
5th  Jimmy Connelly (SHN) by a major decision of 12-4 over Ron Geist (RBV)

189 Pounds
1st  Kyle Cathcart (CLA) by pin in 4.13 over Juan Zamora (SHN)
3rd  Mike Stoyer (CRN) by pin in 0.22 over Andy Ausel (OC)
5th  Ryan Gault (JAM) by a decision of 6-3 over Mike Gutherie (KIT)

275 Pounds
1st  Andy McCoy (SSB) by pin in 0.54 over Joe Carnovale (JBG)
3rd  Doug Hutchinson (OC) by a decision of 4-1 over Kyle Smith (BKW)
5th  Joe Straw (CLA) by default over Brad Watson (LKV)

The Bryan Henry Memorial Outstanding Wrestler Award is award by vote of the coaches. This year's recipient was Dave Saadeh, Elderton The Brotherhood of Wrestling Awards are handed out at select tournaments on the basis of: 1. A winner in the finals. 2. Aggressive wrestling, working for the fall. 3. Exemplary behavior, both on and off the mat. This year's recipients were: Kyle Cathcart, Clarion Adam Brochetti, Kittanning
Complete round-by round results! - courtesy of Don Gearhart! First Round:

103-lbs Tim Gadsby (L) pinned Josh McClain (CL), 2:19, Matt McClellan (OC) &endash; bye, Scott Bilich (H) &endash;bye, Kory Slye (CR) pinned Mike Fremer (B), 2:16, Andrew Jones (G) &endash; bye, Rylan Renwick (JA) pinned Josh BonAnno (SSB), 1:57, Mike Mallin (MV) &endash; bye,. Frank Magagnotti (RB) &endash; bye.

112-lbs. Keith Pavlekovsky (RB) pinned Andy Van Horn (E), 4:53, Matt Braun (OC) &endash; bye, Chad Smith (L) &endash; bye, Dan Burns (G) &endash; bye, Scott Cowles (CR) dec. Tom Cuneo (SSB), 12-7, Toby Ochs (CL) &endash; bye, Mike John (K) &endash; bye, Keith Miller (JO) &endash; bye.

119-lbs Chris Peterson (G) &endash; bye, Scott Godin (MV) dec. Henry Raybuck (B), 11-4, Jarrod Olinger (K) pinned Mike Pinkerton (E), 2:46, Bryan Kiskadden (CL) dec. Kevin Costanzo (JO), 8-4, Joe Garrison (RB) dec. Max Koszalka (OC), 11-5, Jay Brownlee (L) &endash; bye, Jerry Stralko (CR) pinned Mark Rice (RG), 1:31, Nathan Gardner (SSB) &endash; bye

125-lbs. Drew Rose (L) pinned Aaron Reifer (MV), 0:53, Garrison Price (H) &endash; bye, Cory Mancuso (B) &endash; bye, Rich McDonald (S) pinned Chad Brisley (CR), 1:28, Jared Hanna (G) maj. dec. Tom Dishler (SSB), 8-0, Greg Nolf (RB) maj. dec. Paul O'Neil (CL) 15-2, Eric Iorfido (JO) pinned Nate Witherow (RG), 5:38, Dave Saadeh (E) &endash; bye

130-lbs Ben Rizzo (CR) pinned Ben Cochran (RG), 3:13, D.J. McCune (E) &endash; bye, Ryan Martell (S) dec. Ryan Kerr (L), 8-5, Bud Stephens (JA) maj. dec. Lance Wolfe (CL), 8-0, Billy Collins (G) maj. dec. Seth Hammond (RV), 16-2, John Gilbert (B) &endash; bye, Jonah Davis (OC) maj. dec. Todd Fetzer (H), 13-0, Brandon Brodmerkel (SSB) pinned Josh Jacoby (MV), 3:38

135-lbs Tom Calhoun (B) &endash; bye, Gerred Price (H) pinned Tanner Juffman (RV), 1:08, Charlie Moss (SSB) &endash; bye, Justin Kiser (G) dec. Keith Haslett (K), 7-4, Steve Cupec (E) &endash; bye, Chris Harnett (JA) pinned Wade Alexander (L), 5:03, Mike Carter (JO) dec. J.C. Staley (CR), Matt Watterson (CL) pinned Robbie VanTAssel (S), 1:44

140-lbs Evan Hoobler (L) maj. dec. Dan Christie (K), 10-0, Jon Riley (H) maj. dec. Adam Divins (CL), 11-3, Francis Jovenitti (JO) dec. Jason Rice (CR), 8-4, Tim Brown (E) &endash; bye, Jacob Demmler (JA) pinned Scott Smith (RV), 5:50, Justin Castagnacci (SSB) dec. Algert Schmidt (OC), 2-1, Brett Heberling (B) pinned Logan Molie (S), 5:48, Thad Walstrom (MV) maj. dec. Sean Hinderliter (G), 14-5

145-lbs Adam Brochetti (K) &endash; bye, Brian Luton (CL) dec. David Ruth (CR), 6-4, Brian Swartzbeck (G) pinned Mike Householder (H), 5:40, Nate Benninger (L) pinned Curt Bish (OC), 3:21, Chrystan Bedell, (S) dec. Will Schuster (B), 5-3, Ryan VanHorn (E) pinned Nathan Henry (RV), Brandon Zimmer (JA) &endash; bye, Steve Iorfido (JO) maj. dec. Billy Schneider (SSB), 10-0.

152-lbs Ezra Davis (OC) pinned Jason Kearns (CR), 2:26, Jake Lane (K), dec. Nick Rebar (MV), 10-6, Benji Martini (B) maj. dec. Paul East (H), 9-0, Chris Reefer (E) dec. Doug Nolf (RV), 3-2, Cory Brown (JA) pinned Josh Wagner (CL), 2:33, Dan Eaves (G) maj. dec. Mike Adamczyk (RG), 15-4, Nathan Tellish (SSB) pinned Brandon Harrah (L), 0:27, Francis Iorfido (JO) maj. dec. Eric Squatrito (S), 10-2

160-lbs Jimmy Gibson (KC) pinned Mark Zamora (S), 3:57, Sam Smith (MV) &endash; bye, Luke Liszka (G) &endash; bye, Eric Powers (E) pinned Adam Deitrick (JO), 0:50, Nick Niznik (CL) pinned Walter Knight (OC), 2:52, Greg Wynkoop (K) &endash; bye, Jonathon Cantafio (B) pinned Dustin Huffman (RV), 3:32, Nick Byler (JA) pinned Paul Bonfiglio (H), 3:33

171-lbs Jimmy Connelly (S) dec. Ted Lawrence (CL), 3-2, Tom Bussard (B) pinned Josh Nestor (SSB), 0:53, Steve Kahle (CR) pinned Jerry Drew (L), 3:35, Ron Geist (RV) &endash; bye, Bill Bellas (K) &endash; bye, Mark McClimans (JA) pinned Nathan Coleman (E), 0"59, Dave Boylan (JO), Mike Stephens (G) pinned Mike Reed (OC), 3:12

189-lbs Kyle Cathcart (CL) pinned Eric Krepps (RG), 1:37, Vince Disantis (E) &endash; bye, Andrew Kespelher (RV) &endash; bye, Andy Ausel (OC) pinned Jody Bowley (JO), 2:56, Mike Gutherie (K) dec. Mike Stoyer (CR), 13-6, John Kremm (G) &endash; bye, Ryan Gault (JA) dec. Larry Hayward (MV), 8-3, Juan Zamora (S) &endash; bye

275-lbs Brad Watson (L) &endash; bye, Andy Gallagher (K) pinned Chad Mihleder (RG), 2:53, Doug Hutchinson (OC) &endash; bye, Joe Carnovale (JO) pinned Billy Fulton (E), 2:52, Andy McCoy (SSB) maj. dec. Zach Osborne (CR), 10-1, Eric Hyde (JA) &endash; bye, Kyle Smith (B) &endash; bye, Joe Straw (CL) dec. Charles Boozer (RV),6-0.


103-lbs Gadsby (L) dec. McClellan (OC), 9-2, Bilich (H) dec. Slye (CR), 9-6, Jones (G) pinned Renwick (JA) 5:59, Mallin (MV) dec. Magagnotti (RV), 8-3

112-lbs Pavlekovsky (RV) maj. dec. Braun (OC), 14-2, Burns (G) dec. Smith (L), 10-4, Ochs (CL) dec. Cowles (CR), 7-5, Miller (JO) tech fall John (K), 4:54

119-lbs Peterson (G) pinned Godin (MV), 3:12, Kiskadden (CL) pinned Olinger (K), 1:21, Garrison (RV) dec. Brownlee (L), 4-1, Gardner (SSB) dec. Stralko (CR), 4-3

125-lbs Rose (L) pinned Price (H), 3:38, Mancuso (B) maj. dec. McDonald (S), 13-0, Hanna (G) dec. Nolf (RV), 6-5, Saadeh (E) pinned Iorfido (JO), 4:42

130-lbs Rizzo (CR) pinned McCune (E), 3:03, Stephens (JA) dec. Martell (S) 12-9, Collins (G) dec. Gilbert (B), 11-6, Brodmerkel (SSB) dec. Davis (OC), 7-1

135-lbs Calhoun (B) dec. OT Price (H), 8-6, Kiser (G) dec. Moss (SSB), 9-3, Harnett (JA) pinned Cupec (E), 0:52, Watterson (CL) dec. Carter (JO), 8-2

140-lbs Hoobler (L) maj. dec. Riley (H), 9-0, Jovenitti (JO) dec. Brown (E), 13-7, Demmler (JA) pinned Castagnacci (SSB), 0:55, Walstrom (MV) maj. dec. Heberling (B), 13-3

145-lbs Brochetti (K) pinned Luton (CL), 3:01, Swartzbeck (G) dec. Benninger (L), 5-2, Bedell (S) maj. dec. VanHorn (E), 13-0, Iorfido (JO) pinned Zimmer (JA), 2:55

152-lbs Davis (OC) pinned Lane (K), 5:23, Martini (B) dec. Reefer (E), 2-1, Brown (JA) dec. Eaves (G), 3-2, Iorfido (JO) pinned Tellish (SSB), 0:43

160-lbs Gibson (KC) pinned Smith (MV), 2:52, Liszka (G) dec. Powers (E), 9-7, Niznik (CL) dec. Wynkoop (K), 8-6, Byler (JA) dec. Cantafio (B), 6-5

171-lbs Connelly (S) maj. dec. Bussard (B), 16-3, Kahle (CR) maj. dec. Geist (RV), 8-0, Bellas (K) tech fall McClimans (JA), 5:50, Stephens (G) pinned Boylon (JO), 0:30

189-lbs Cathcart (CL) pinned Disantis (E), 0:27, Ausel (OC) dec. Kespelher (RV), 5-1, Gutherie (K) pinned Kremm (G), 0:47, Zamora (S) dec. Gault (JA), 8-3

275-lbs Watson (L) pinned Gallagher (K), 0:25, Carnovale (JO) dec. Hutchinson (OC), 9-5, McCoy (SSB) pinned Hyde (JA), 1:12, Straw (CL) dec. Smith (B), 5-3

Consolations:  Round One

119-lbs Costanzo (JO) pinned Pinkerton (E), 0:39

125-lbs O'Neil (CL) pinned Dishler (SSB), 2:54

130-lbs Wolfe (CL) pinned Kerr (L), 4:48, Jacoby (MV) dec. Fetzer (H), 11-5

135-lbs VanTassel (S) dec. Staley (CR), 9-8

140-lbs Christie (K) pinned Divins (CL), 4:03, Schmidt (OC) dec. Smith (RV), 1-0, Malie (S) dec. Hinderliter (G), 4-2

145-lbs Bish (OC) pinned Householder (H), 3:07, Schuster (B) maj. dec. Henry (RV), 13-0

152-lbs Rebar (MV) pinned Kearns (CR), 2:32, Nolf (RV) pinned East (H), 4:44, Adamczyk (RG) pinned Wagner (CL), 1:54, Squatrito (S) pinned Harrah (L), 0:43

160-lbs Huffman (RV) pinned Bonfiglio (H) 2:56

171-lbs Lawrence (CL) pinned Nestor (SSB), 0:32, Cousins (H) dec. Reed (OC), 10-6

Consolations:  Round Two

103-lbs Magagnotti (RV) pinned McClain (CL), 1:37, Renwick (JA) pinned Fremer (B), 4:06, Slye (CR) pinned BonAnno (SSB), 1:51, McClellan (OC) &endash; bye

112-lbs John, (K) maj. dec. VanHorn (E), 8-0, Cowles (CR) &endash; bye, Smith (L) pinned Cuneo (SSB), 0:40, Braun (OC) &endash; bye

119-lbs Stralko (CR) dec. Raybuck (B), 8-3, Costanzo (JO) dec. Brownlee (L), 6-3, Koszalka (OC) dec. Olinger (K), 6-2, Godin (MV) pinned Rice (RG), 0:55

125-lbs Iorfido (JO) dec. Reifer (MV), 8-4, Nolf (RV) pinned Brisley (CR), 4:42, McDonald (S) dec. O'Neil (CL), 4-1, Price (H) maj. dec. Witherow (RG), 9-1

130-lbs Davis (OC) dec. Cochran (RG), 7-5, Gilbert (B) maj. dec. Wolfe (CL), 10-0, Martell (S) dec. Hammond (RV), 8-6, McCune (E) dec. Jacoby (MV), 9-4

135-lbs Carter (JO) dec. Huffman (RV), 6-4, Haslett (K) dec. Cupec (E), 3-1, Alexander (L) maj. dec. Moss (SSB), 15-5, VanTassel (S) dec. Price (H), 8-4

140-lbs Heberling (B) maj. dec. Christie (K), 10-2, Rice (CR) pinned Castagnacci (SSB), 0:32, Brown (E) dec. Schmidt (OC), 3-1, Riley (H) pinned Malie (S), 1:51

145-lbs Ruth (CR) dec. Zimmer (JA), 9-6, Bish (OC) dec. VanHorn (E), 4-3, Schuster (B) maj. dec. Benninger (L), 8-0, Luton (CL) dec. Schneider (SSB), 2-1

152-lbs Rebar (MV) pinned Tellish (SSB), 3:39, Eaves (G) pinned Nolf (RV), 4:18, Adamczyk (RG) maj. dec. Reefer (E), 10-2, Lane (K) dec. Squatrito (S), 9-7

160-lbs Cantafio (B) dec. Zamora (S), 6-0, Wynkoop (K) pinned Deitrick (JO), 0:46, Knight (OC) dec. Powers (E), 13-7, Huffman (RV) pinned Smith (MV), 1:53

171-lbs Lawrence (CL) pinned Boylon (JO), 2:50, McClimans (JA) pinned Drew (L), 0"33, Geist (RV) by default over Coleman (E), Bussard (B) dec. Cousins (H), 3-0

189-lbs Gault (JA) dec. Krepps (RG), 5-4, Kremm (G) dec. Bowley (JO), 2-0, Stoyer (CR) pinned Kespelher (RV), 0:55, Hayward (MV) maj. dec. Disantis (E), 10-1

275-lbs Smith (B) dec. Mihleder (RG) 2-1, Hyde (JA) dec. Fulton (E), 5-3, Hutchinson (OC) dec. Osborne (CR), 8-1, Gallagher (K) pinned Boozer (RV), 0:40


103-lbs Gadsby (L) dec. Bilich (H), 9-5, Jones (G) dec. Mallin (MV), 2-0
112-lbs Pavekovsky (RV) maj. dec. Burns (G), 10-1, Miller (JO) maj. dec. Ochs (CL), 9-0
119-lbs Kiskadden (CL) pinned Peterson (G), 3:06, Gardner (SSB) dec. Garrison (RV), 8-1
125-lbs Rose (L) pinned Mancuso (B), 1:24, Saadeh (E) dec. Hanna (G), 9-5
130-lbs Rizzo (CR) pinned Stephens (JA), 3:05, Collins (GR) by forfeit over Brodmerkel (SSB)
135-lbs Kiser (G) dec. Calhoun (B), 4-3, Harnett (JA) dec. OT Watterson (CL), 8-6
140-lbs Hoobler (L) dec. Jovenitti (JO), 5-4, Walstrom (MV) pinned Demmler (JA), 3:50
145-lbs Brochetti (K) pinned Swartzbeck (G), 3:21, Iorfido (JO) maj. dec. Bedell (S), 11-3
152-lbs Davis (OC) maj. dec. Martini (B), 14-0, Iorfido (JO) pinned Brown (JA), 1:09
160-lbs Gibson (KC) pinned Liszka (G), 4:34, Byler (JA) dec. Niznik (CL), 10-8
171-lbs Kahle (CR) dec. Connelly (S), 5-2, Stephens (G) dec. Bellas (K), 8-6
189-lbs Cathcart (CL), pinned Ausel (OC), 1:31, Zamora (S) pinned Gutherie (K), 3:14
275-lbs Carnovale (JO) dec. Watson (L), 2-1, McCoy (SSB) pinned Straw (CL), 1:15

Consolation Semifinals

103-lbs Magagmotti (RV) dec. Bilich (H), 5-2, McClellan (OC) dec. Mallin (MV), 4-1
112-lbs Burns (G) maj. dec. John (K) 9-1, Smith (L) dec. Ochs (CL), 5-1
119-lbs Peterson (G) maj. dec. Stralko (CR) 11-2, Godin (MV) dec. Garrison (RV), 6-2
125-lbs Mancuso (B) dec. Nolf (RV), 13-6, Price (H) dec. Hanna (G), 8-2
130-lbs Gilbert (B) dec. Stephens (JA), 9-3, Martell (S) by forfeit over Brodmerkel (SSB)
135-lbs Haslett (K) dec. Calhoun (B), 5-1, Watterson (CL) maj. dec. Alexander (L), 11-2
140-lbs Jovenitti (JO) dec. Heberling (B), 7-0, Demmler (JA) pinned Riley (H), 1:33
145-lbs Bish (OC) dec. Swartzbeck (G), 1-0, Bedell (S) dec. Luton (CL), 4-0
152-lbs Eaves (G) pinned Martini (B), 2:31, Brown (JA) pinned Lane (K), 5:30
160-lbs Cantafio (B) pinned Liszka (G) 3:51, Niznik (CL) pinned Knight (OC), 2:12
171-lbs Lawrence (CL) dec. Connelly (S), 5-4, Bellas (K) dec. Geist (RV), 9-2
189-lbs Ausel (OC) dec. Gault (JA), 3-0, Stoyer (CR) pinned Gutherie (K), 2:51
275-lbs Smith (B) by default over Watson (L), Hutchinson (OC) dec. Straw (CL), 3-2

Consolations: 5th &endash; 6th Places

103-lbs	Scott Bilich (H) dec. Mike Mallin (MV),  3-2
112-lbs	Toby Ochs (CL) dec. Mike John (K),  3-1
119-lbs	Jerry Stalko (CR) dec. Joe Garrison (RV),  8-6 OT
125-lbs	Greg Nolf (RV) dec. Jared Hanna (G),  9-2
130-lbs	Bud Stephens (JA) won by forfeit over Brandon Brodmerkel (SSB)
135-lbs	Tom Calhoun (B) maj. dec. Wade Alexander (L),  12-3
140-lbs	Jon Riley (H) won by forfeit over Brett Heberling (B)
145-lbs	Brian Swartzbeck (G) dec. Brian Luton (CL),  3-1
152-lbs	Jake Lane (K) dec. Benji Martini (B),  8-1
160-lbs	Luke Liszka (G) dec. Walter Knight (OC),  7-1
171-lbs	Jimmy Connelly (S) maj. dec. Ron Geist (RV),  12-4
189-lbs	Ryan Gault (JA) dec. Mike Gutherie (K),  6-3
275-lbs	Joe Straw (CL) won be default over Brad Watson (L)

Consolation Finals:  3rd &endash; 4th Places

103-lbs	Frank Magagnotti (RV) dec. Matt McClellan (OC),  10-5
112-lbs	Dan Burns (G) maj. dec. Chad Smith (L),  10-2
119-lbs	Chris Peterson (G) pinned Scott Godin (MV),  1:59
125-lbs	Cory Mancuso (B) pinned Garrison Price (H),  2:34
130-lbs	John Gilbert (B) maj. dec. Ryan Martell (S),  14-3
135-lbs	Matt Watterson (CL) pinned Keith Haslett (K),  5:34
140-lbs	Francis Jovenitti (JO) dec. Jacob Demmler (JA),  13-6
145-lbs	Chrystan Bedell (S) pinned Curt Bish (OC),  0:59
152-lbs	Dan Eaves (G) pinned Cory Brown (JA),  2:45
160-lbs	Jonathon Cantafio (B) dec. Nick Niznik (CL),  5-3
171-lbs	Ted Lawrence (CL) pinned Bill Bellas (K),  2:50
189-lbs	Mike Stoyer (CR) pinned Andy Ausel (OC),  0:22
275-lbs	Doug Hutchinson (OC) dec. Kyle Smith (B),  4-1

Championship Finals:

103-lbs Andrew Jones (Greenville) major decision over Tim Gadsby (Lakeview), 12-2
112-lbs Keith Miller (Johnsonburg) decision over Keith Pavekovsky (Redbank Valley), 4-3
119-lbs Bryan Kiskadden (Clarion) decision over Nathan Gardner (South Side Beaver), 10-6
125-lbs Dave Saadeh (Elderton) decision over Drew Rose (Lakeview), 5-4
130-lbs Billy Collins (Greenville) decision over Ben Rizzo (Cranberry), 5-3
135-lbs Chris Harnett (Jamestown) decision over Justin Kiser (Greenville), 4-3
140-lbs Evan Hoobler (Lakeview) decision over Thad Walstrom (Moshannon Valley), 3-0
145-lbs Adam Brochetti (Kittanning) decision over Steve Iorfido (Johnsonburg), 10-4
152-lbs Ezra Davis (Oil City) decision over Francis Iorfido (Johnsonburg), 7-5 overtime
160-lbs Jimmy Gibson (Kennedy Christian) major decision over Nick Byler (Jamestown), 11-3
171-lbs Mike Stephens (Greenville) decision over Steve Kahle (Cranberry), 7-3
189-lbs Kyle Cathcart (Clarion) pinned Juan Zamora (Sharon), 4:13
275-lbs Andy McCoy (South Side Beaver) pinned Joe Carnovale (Johnsonburg), 0:54


We wanted to commend the great effort by all who made the Christmas Tournament such a success. The tournament was very well organized and kept moving. We thought the use of the two gyms on Fri night was a fantastic idea. The cooperation of all Redbank Wrestling supporters is quite evident. While wrestling is hitting rough water in other areas, it is plain to see the sport is alive and thriving in Bulldog Country. Please pass this along to the booster club, we think they did a phenomenal job. We were witness to alot of great wrestling. Thank you to all who organized and worked to make the tournament a success.

Lori Luton
Wrestling Fan
Clarion Booster

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