Area V Finals held at Port Allegany High School March 16 & 17, 2001 District IX

The results of the Area V Junior Wrestling Finals are listed below. These are the Finals and True Second Matches only. Where two matches are listed in a weight class, that indicates that a true 2nd place match was needed. In those weight classes the winners of each match advanced to the All Area State Championships in Johnstown. Where there is only one match in a weight class then the winner and the loser both advance. Exception to the above is the 8-U in which neither wrestler advances beyond the Area V Tournament. (KEY: AC/K - AC Valley-Keystone; BRAD-Bradford; BKW-Brockway; BKV-Brookville; CC-CAmeron County; C-Clarion; CLFD-Clearfield; COUD-Coudersport; CUR-Curwensville; D-DuBois; JB-Johnsonburg; K-Kane; MC-Marion Center; OV-Oswayo Valley; PA-Port Allegany; P-Punxsutawney; RV-Redbank Valley; R-Ridgway; S-Smethport; STM-St. Marys; WB-West Branch)

8-U: 40 lbs: Trey Constable (BKV) pinned Dave Bright (COUD) Time 2:23 Tom Caden (PA) decisioned Dane Bright (COUD) 12-6 45 lbs: Evan Smith (BRAD) decisioned Lucas McMurtrie (BRAD) 11-9 50 lbs: Zach Britton (BRAD) decisioned Chase Kamats (CC) 14-1 55 lbs: James Mideler (OV) decisioned Trevor McCauley (RV) 3-1 Trevor McCauley (RV) pinned Tanner Hannold (AC/K) Time 1:59 60 lbs: David Wilber (BRAD) decisioned Adam Greenman (PA) 6-0 Adam Greenman (PA) decisioned D.J. Skraba (R) 7-5 65 lbs: MArk Havers (BRAD) pinned Zach Smith (BRAD) Time 0:52 70 lbs: Anthony Miller (OV) pinned Kohl Blint (R) Time 3:44 Kohl Blint (R) pinned Kyle Taylor (OV) Time 3:34 85 lbs: Ryan Austin (OV) pinned Logan Shadeck (CLFD) Time 1:47 Logan Shadeck (CLFD) decisioned Kyle McCall (AC/K) 8-7 100lbs: Andre Frugale (CC) pinned Joel Yahner (BKW) Time 2:23

(No scores were available for the remaining age groups,only the results. If scores do become available, they will be forwarded. Again where there are two matches listed there was a True Second match)


 45 lbs:	Corey Bush (R) defeated Garrett Homel (PA)
       	 Garrett Homel (PA) defeated Brett Smith (BKV)		  
 50 lbs:	Chester Tannet (PA) defeated Wesley Bennett (CUR)
	        Wesley Bennett (CUR) defeated John Stiglitz (AC/K)
 55 lbs:	Derek Brothers (CUR) defeated Garet Pisani (R)
	        Garet Pisani (R) defeated Kevin Shunk (S)
 60 lbs:	Jacob McMurtrie (BRAD) defeated Logan Kellogg (OV)
	        Logan Kellogg (OV) defeated Brent Cousins (STM)
 65 lbs:	Corey Horner (AC/K) defeated Tim Hubbard (S)
	        Randy Shatz (CC) defeated Tim Hubbard (S)
 70 lbs:	Dirk Cowburn (COUD) defeated Drek Horton (K)	 
 75 lbs:	Ron Frazier (D) defeated Jon-Marc Burdick (S)
 80 lbs:	Brandon Slater (OV) defeated Cory Reed  (CC)
	        Corey Reed (CC) defeatd Kyle Travis (P)
 85 lbs:	Mike Baker (CC) defeatd Brandon Neal (PA)
 90 lbs:	Dan McMurtrie (BRAD) defeatd Codey Clawson (AC/K)
 95 lbs:	Steve White (COUD) defeatd Matt Mix (K)
105 lbs:     Ross Nicholson (K) defeated Antonio Magagnotti (RV)
120 lbs:     Jeremy Harriger (BKV) defeated Lee Zalno (CLFD)
             Shane Lindgren (R) defeatd Lee Zalno (CLFD)
150 lbs:     Bill Reitz (BKV) defeated Dylon Major (PA)

11 & 12:

 60 lbs:	Dan Blair (S) is the only qualifier
 65 lbs:	Colby Pisani (R) defeatd Brandon Sansom (BKV)
 70 lbs:	Cameron Moran (CC) defeatd Brandon James (P)
	        Brandon James (P) defeatd Chase Gardner (JB)
 75 lbs:	Matthew Kyler (CLFD) defeated Shane Ross (BKV)
	        Alex Reed (CC) defeated Shane Ross (BKV)
 80 lbs:	Tom Barger (CLFD) defeatd Andy Fremer (BKW)
	        Nikko Leitzel (R) defeated Andy Fremer (BKW)
 85 lbs:	Donnie Clark (WB) defeated Cody Anderson (PA)
 90 lbs:	Jeremy Wertz (K) defeatd Brian Hineman (P)
 95 lbs:	Scott Davis (C) defeated Judd Zilcosky (JB)
	        Josh Switzer (PA) defeated Judd Zilcosky (JB)
100 lbs:     Andy Rendos (BKW) defeatd Cody Frederick (COUD)
	        Cody Frederick (COUD) defeated Kyle Cravener (MC)
105 lbs:     Zach Bussard (D) defeated Ben Hahn (S)
	        Erik Rich (K) defeated Ben Hahn (S)
115 lbs:     Jerico Weitzel (R) defeatd Blake Lantelme (C)
	        Blake Lantelme (C) defeated Dave Cole (CLFD)
125 lbs:     Lucas Aughenbaugh (CLFD) defeated Justin Gular (COUD)
	        Brandon Brinker (RV) defeatd Justin Gular (COUD)
140 lbs:     Nick Sipes (CUR) defeated Justin Lunger (D)
	        Justin Lunger (D) defeated Mike Rich (K)
160 lbs:     Bryant Tronetti (PA) defeated Matt Luther (PA)
	        Matt Luther (PA) defeated Sam VanHorn (P)
200 lbs:     Eli Morres (BKV) defeated Matt Moorhouse (R)


 75 lbs:	Joran Astorino (CUR) defeated John Sutika (CUR)	 
 80 lbs:	Enzo Giambanco (BKV) defeated Cory Roman (D)
	        Cory Roman (D) defeated Dane Condino (JB)
 85 lbs:	Brock Frederick (COUD) defeated Brock Leitzel (R)
 90 lbs:	Brad Pataky (CLFD) defeated Brandon Dixon (D)
	        Brandon Dixon (D) defeated Brett Herzing (R)
 95 lbs:	Shawn Snyder (BKV) defeated Mark Schaffer (P)
	        Mark Schaffer (P) defeated Shawn Elder (S)
100 lbs:     Brad Steinbach (STM) defeated Nick Deloia (BKV)
105 lbs:     Paul Baker (defeated Dan Lenze (STM)
110 lbs:     Kyle Pasi (STM) defeated Josh Keinl (BKV)
	        Bobby Nichols (PA) defeated Josh Keinl (BKV)
115 lbs:     Nate Owens (WB) defeated Cassey Neely (BRAD)
	        B.J. Greenman (PA) defeated Cassey Neely (BRAD)
120 lbs:     Ryan Meyer (STM) defeated Dan Gillespie (K)
125 lbs:     Steve Chittester (K) defeated Dean Swatsworth (CUR)
	        Dean Swatsworth (CUR) defeated Paul Plyer (BKV)
130 lbs:     Mike Pride (P) defeated David Smith (D) 
	        David Smith (D) defeated Andrew Johnson (CC)
135 lbs:     Brad Hurrelbrink (AC/K) defeated Mike Mitchell (S)
	        Scott Hall (CLFD) defeated Mike Mitchell (S)
145 lbs:     Steve Spees (PA) defeated Nate Sipes (CUR)
	        Nate Sipes (CUR) defeated Allan Queen (CLFD)
155 lbs:     Mark Willcox (PA) defeated John Bogacki (R)
170 lbs:     Kirk Hays (BKV) defeated Calvin Freeman (PA)
190 lbs:     Dan Carnovale (JB) defeated Bryan Slattery (R)
250 lbs:     Nate McClaine (C) defeated Matt Olsewski (MC)

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