Redbank Valley vs St, Mary's District IX

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Bout results:

Redbank Valley vs St. Mary's  12/17/02
103  Frank Magagnotti RV pinned Joey Nicale SM   1:36
112  Mitch Smail RV pinned Josh Renwick SM       2:55
119  Dan Terye SM dec Joel Kerle RV              10-8
125  Brad Steinbad SM dec Casey Dinger RV    9-2
130  Seth Hammond RV dec Kyle Pasi SM     7-4
135  Jeff Gray SM dec otride Scott Smith RV   3-1
140  Doug Surra SM pinned Brady McCauley RV    1:47
145  Brandon Brinker RV dec Greg Morgan SM  9-3
152  Ryan Meyer SM  dec Doug Shick RV     6-1
160  Shay Magagnotti RV dec AJ Keebler SM   4-2
171  Jeremy CataloneSM pinned LarryGreenawaltRV1:21
189  Brandon BennettSM dec Andrew KespelherRV 4-2
215  Nathan HenryRV dec Mike Duttry SM    4-0
275  Charles Boozer RV pinned Greg SagoSM    2:52
Started at 160      Ending Score Redbank 30  StMary's 27

Notes: Redbank Valley 30, St. Marys 27 ST. MARYS - Frank Magagnotti, Mitch Smail and Charles Boozer engineered pins to propel Redbank Valley to a 30-27 victory over St. Marys. "A lot of people came through for us," Redbank coach Mike Kundick said. "It was a great match with a lot of great efforts." The dual meet began at 160 pounds and freshman Brandon Brinker recorded a 9-2 decision at 145 for Bulldogs' final win. Brinker narrowly missed a takedown at the buzzer, which would have given him a major decision and clinched the match. Adding decisions for the 'Dogs were Seth Hammond, Shay Magagnotti and Nathan Henry. Redbank (2-1) will return to action Dec. 27 when it hosts the Redbank Valley Christmas Tournament.
RV top St. Mary's