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Reversal: a movie that is a father/son love story about wrestling, growing up, and letting go.

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Newspeople, parents, fans, wrestlers, etc. are welcome to submit material. If you'd like to see info/ results for YOUR favorite D9 team on this site, call your local coach and bug him to send me stuff.
E-mail, snail-mail, fax, or phone; whatever.

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Updates Policy:
Results are posted as time allows.
D9 Sports is leaving wrestling completely up to us - will be handling all other sports.

Region Rankings and D10 rankings come in on Tues/ Wed every week - those I try to get up as soon as possible. District 10 is carrying those now, too, so if I'm running behind, check over there.

The Guestbook is manually filtered, otherwise I couldn't get it past the proxy servers the schools are using. I check for postings around once a week, transfer them to a local file and repost. That accounts for why your messages don't show up right away!

D9 rankings are posted whenever I get them... Gold Medal Rankings is doing their own D9 Rankings; check over there; they may update more frequently.

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Lenny Ferraro - info on Good Samaritan Fund and tribute page.

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Breaking News in District IX

All the "news" items - new links, etc. that I've been putting here on the main page will now be kept on a supplemental page. This will help with load times...

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Webmaster if you have any. I'd love to hear from anybody using this site. Since this is all new, any kind of feedback would be appreciated. It gets lonely out here in Cyberspace....


Dan Albaugh - Region Rankings
Randy Cathcart - District IX AA Rankings
Tom Launer, Eric Knapp
Bob Peters, Scott Wagner, and Cain Frey - Results
Gold Medal Rankings - results and rankings
and numerous others...

E-mail to Webmaster: redbank@clarion-net.com.

Send current info, comments, photos, concerns, news, etc.
We'll post it for everyone to see, if you'd like.

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