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Seminole, PA 16253


Business Hours Mon-Fri 7 PM - 9 PM
Sat 9 AM to Noon
or by appointment
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Pittsburgh School of Gunsmithing
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We perform fine repairs, customizing and restoration work
Appointments are required. Please call ahead between 7 and 9 P.M.


George Veronesi Tony Veronesi

Ed note: George and Tony restored a 1904 Spandau carbine for me that is now absolutely magnificent. Several photos of it are below. These guys do amazing work.
This is a 1904 Spandau 8 mm Mauser carbine that was brought back from Europe
as a "souvenir" by an uncle of mine who flew a biplane in the war (I).  It sat 
in various basements for half a century, packed in the original Cosmoline, 
with the barrel capped.  Veronesi's restored the stock w/o erasing any of 
the various cartouches embedded in it, restored the firing mechanism, 
replaced several missing parts, reblued the barrel, etc., AND came up with 
an original-equipment bayonet.  They took what looked like junk and restored 
it to a beautiful, functional piece of equipment. Well done, gentlemen!

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