Mid-Season Classic - District IX
7th Annual
Saturday, Jan. 18, 2003 @ Clarion High School
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2003 Champions! - photo on its way...

Final Team Standings MID-SEASON CLASSIC 2003 Media Results Report RANK,SCHOOL,POINTS 1.,Port Allegany,(PA),158.5 2.,Redbank Valley,(RB),147.0 3.,Curwensville,(CU),138.0 4.,Butler,(BU),130.5 5.,Clarion,(CL),122.5 6.,Mercer,(ME),106.5 7.,Cameron County,(CC),80.5 8.,Johnsonburg,(JB),69.5 9.,ACVK,(ACKV),50.0 10.,Oswayo Valley,(OV),43.0 11.,Smethport,(SM),29.0
Weight Class Results 103 Pounds 1st Frank Magagnotti (RB) by pin in 5.45 over Jordan Astorino (CU) 3rd Dan Frey (CC) by a decision of 5-0 over Chad Wilcox (SM) 112 Pounds 1st Josh Lundy (OV) in overtime 2-1 over Jay McNulty (ME) 3rd Ryan Botzman (CU) by a major decision of 12-1 over Mitch Smail (RB) 119 Pounds 1st Cody Anderson (PA) by pin in 2.34 over Eric Henry (CL) 3rd Steve Curry (CU) by a decision of 5-2 over Lucas Nelson (CC) 125 Pounds 1st Seth Hammond (RB) by a decision of 3-0 over Eric Iorfido (JB) 3rd Bobby Nichols (PA) by a decision of 6-2 over Cain Frey (CC) 130 Pounds 1st B.J. Greenman (PA) by a decision of 4-2 over Brady McCauley (RB) 3rd Ryan McKeown (CU) by a decision of 4-3 over Matt Switzer (SM) 135 Pounds 1st Dustin Mullens (CC) by pin in 2.44 over Eric Grenci (BU) 3rd Scott Smith (RB) by pin in 2.02 over Adam Henry (CL) 140 Pounds 1st Charlie Burk (ME) in overtime 10-8 over Will Durstine (CC) 3rd Joe Davis (BU) by pin in 1.53 over Lewis Windsor (PA) 145 Pounds 1st Brian Luton (CL) by a decision of 5-3 over Dean Swatsworth (CU) 3rd Mike Votano (JB) by a decision of 8-2 over Gary Gombos (BU) 152 Pounds 1st Ken McDevitt (BU) by a decision of 6-1 over Corey Clawson (ACKV) 3rd Shay Magagnotti (RB) by pin in 3.47 over Dave Eggleton (CL) 160 Pounds 1st Levi Mohney (ACKV) by a major decision of 11-0 over Matt Snyder (CL) 3rd Larry Greenawalt (RB) in overtime 8-6 over Matt Kalin (BU) 171 Pounds 1st Adam Rohrer (PA) by pin in 3.30 over Steve Iorfido (JB) 3rd Chris McSwain (CL) by pin in 2.28 over Richard Grant (ME) 189 Pounds 1st Nate Sipes (CU) by a decision of 6-1 over Dave Larson (CL) 3rd Mark Willcox (PA) by a decision of 2-0 over Travis Bell (ME) 215 Pounds 1st Braden Bice (ME) by pin in 2.40 over Brian Neal (PA) 3rd Aaron Brown (BU) by pin in 4.05 over Sean Farley (CU) 275 Pounds 1st Casey Petteys (PA) by pin in 3.17 over Cory Bailor (CU) 3rd Adam Pritts (BU) by a major decision of 10-0 over Charles Boozer (RB)

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