District IX Wrestling calendar

for the month of January, 2001

Dec Feb Mar

District IX

Mon, 1


Tues, 2

Bradford vs St. Mary's - scores posted 1-12-01

Wed, 3

Dubois - Ridgway
Smethport @ Johnsonburg

Thurs, 4

Clearfield @ Phillipsburg-Osceola
St. Mary's @ Brookville
Punxsutawney @ Brockway
Redbank Valley vs Kane
Oswayo Valley vs Coudersport
Cameron County vs Bradford
Clarion @ ACVKU

Fri, 5

Tool City Tourney

Sat, 6

New Oxford Tourney
Tool City Tourney
Coudersport @ Sayre
Brookville vs Franklin
Cameron County vs Bucktail
Cambria Heights Tournament

Sun, 7


Mon, 8


Tues, 9

St. Mary's @ Erie Prep
ACVKU @ Curwensville
Smethport vs Sheffield
Ridgway @ Brockway
Kane @ Coudersport
Johnsonburg @ Port Allegany
Brookville vs Bald Eagle Area

Wed, 10

Clarion @ Rocky Grove
Dubois - State College

Thurs, 11

Clearfield @ Bellefonte
St. Mary's vs Punxsy
Dubois - Philipsburg-Osceola
Smethport vs Port Allegany
Oswayo Valley vs Bradford
Kane @ Sheffield
Brookville vs Marion Center
Ridgway @ Cameron Cty
Curwensville @ West Branch

Fri, 12

Redbank Valley @ Clarion
Johnsonburg @ Coudersport

Sat, 13

Pine-Richland Tourney
ACV Beginner JO Tourney
Cameron Cty JH Tournament
Franklinville Tournament

Sun, 14


Mon, 15


Tues, 16

St. Mary's vs Dubois
Punxsutawney @ Hollidaysburg
Smethport @ Ridgway
Redbank Valley vs Oil City
Johnsonburg vs Cameron County
Coudersport @ Brockway
Clarion @ Curwensville
Brookville vs Maplewood
Port Allegany @ Sheffield

Wed, 17


Thurs, 18

Punxsutawney vs Clarion
Smethport vs Bradford
Ridgway vs Curwensville
Redbank Valley @ Kittanning
Kane @ Cameron County
Brookville @ Brockway

Fri, 19

Clearfield vs Blue Mountain - cancelled due to weather/ reschedule doubtful
St. Mary's vs Johnsonburg

Sat, 20

Punxsutawney @ Dubois/ Bradford
Rocky Grove JH Tourney
District IX Mid-Season Classic @ Clarion
Brookville Duals
Springville, NY Tourney
Warren JH Tournament
Olean Tourney (Kane)

Sun, 21


Mon, 22

ACVKU @ Rocky Grove

Tues, 23

Clearfield vs St. Mary's
Dubois vs Brookville
Ridgway vs Coudersport
Redbank Valley vs Brockway
Johnsonburg vs Clarion Area
Port Allegany vs Wellsboro

Wed, 24

Brookville vs Kane

Thurs, 25

Clearfield @ State College
St. Mary's vs Smethport
Punxsutawney vs Marion Center
Dubois - Brockway
ACVKU @ Kane
Ridgway vs Johnsonburg
Cameron County vs Port Allegany

Fri, 26

Grove City Tourney
Curwensville vs Glendale

Sat, 27

Seneca Valley Tournament
Cranberry JH/ JV Tourney
Grove City Tourney
Brookville @ Titusville

Sun, 28


Mon, 29

Johnsonburg @ Rocky Grove - moved to 2/5

Tues, 30

Clearfield vs Franklin
St. Mary's @ Brockway - moved to Feb 8 (thurs)
Dubois - Bald Eagle Area
Kane vs Bradford
Coudersport vs Bucktail - cancelled due to weather/ NO reschedule
ACVKU @ Port Allegany/ Oswayo Valley
District AA IX Team championship prelim - site @ higher seed host school

Wed, 31

Smethport @ Eisenhower

District IX top Dec Feb Mar