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* We are pleased to report that the rumor of Mark Foltz's injury is ONLY a rumor. Coach Schwab reports that he is fine and ready to go!
* Several good suggestions have been made on dealing with the bandwidth problem. Those will be presented here for all to consider. Several people have already expressed a willingness to help with costs, which bodes well. This will NEVER become a for-fee service!!
* It has also been suggested that this page and the Front Page be reworked to reduce the impact on bandwidth. That is a worthwhile idea and will be implemented soon.
* AAA Predictions (for NW Regions) to go with the AA Predictions.
* For those of you who have been having difficulty connecting to D9 the last couple of months, the problem is the new "bandwidth restrictions" recently imposed by Tripod. A 10K page accessed a hundred times generates 1000K (or 1 Meg) of data transmitted. Tripod has imposed a 1 Gigabyte (1,000 Meg) limit per month on free pages such as ours. Hourly, that amounts to 1.4 Meg/ hour. Usage on D9 has run as high as 10 Meg/ hour. When usage runs high, Tripod "locks out" the site for an hour or two until the average comes down. We can get additional bandwidth by upgrading to one of Tripod's pay services. I'm already "donating" 60-100 hours a month to the cause (there is a fine line between hobby and insanity, it's been said) so... If some "generous benefactor" would be willing to stand the cost of upgrading the site, this would solve the bandwidth problem and everybody could check the site as much as they want. That, however, is not going to be ye olde editor... 
* This has yet to be confirmed, but rumor is that Mark Foltz of Smethport (112-3rd) sustained a rib injury and will be unable to compete in Regions.
* Joe Garrison, Redbank Valley (112, 4th) has been disqualified for Regions due to two Unsportsmanlike Conduct calls following the conclusion of the 112-pound consolation final.  This complicates the situation if Foltz is indeed out due to injury.
* It has been confirmed that Clint Stout, Brookville (140-1st) has been disqualified for Regions due to two Unsportsmanlike Conduct calls following the conclusion of the 140-pound final.
D9 Hall of Fame info has been updated for this year.
D9 Top Winners List posted (AA/AAA combined)
AAA Scoring analysis (for D9 districts)
* as a result of multiple incidents at Districts involving uniform straps - and throwing of headgear - two rules changes have been suggested. 1. straps have to be be up anytime you are inside the gym. 2. headgear must remain on until you are off the mat. See the current
D9 Minipoll to vote on the headgear question.
* District IX AA Century Club listing is up. All 100-match+ winners ever in D9-AA. Send corrections/ updates to D9 Century Club
Region information analysis (# of schools, breakdown by school, etc.)
team scoring analysis of Districts (AA for now - AAA to follow)
2/24/02 -
District IX AA Results; team scores, placewinners, Who's Moving On to Regions.(updated as of 2/25/02)
AAA D9 Results; team scores, placewinners, Who's Moving On to Regions
Dan Albaugh's Fearless Predictions for AA Regions (NW) (updated as of 2/26/02)
AA NW Region Pairings (updated as of 2/25/02)
D10 - AAA results
2/22/02 -
improved pairings AA // improved AAA pairings - added grades/ records/ color-coded tables, etc.
* seven scratches in AA - see amended pairings (link above)
* AAA running full wrestle-backs this year!
Redbank leading by 5.5 pts after Friday night! - scores posted
2/21/02 -
AA pairings     AAA pairings    D10 AA predictions
Region rankings
* PIAA has taken exception to some of the critical comments made here about their policies in regard to press passes for the State Championships. While the PIAA has yet to contact us personally, they have contacted some of the people who have supported our efforts to obtain press credentials and let them know that the PIAA is unhappy.  That was a bit heavy-handed.
District IX Wrestling has not received a response to our personal request for credentials, either by snail-mail or Email.
NW Region AA Info is in place.
2/19/02 -
* Johnsonburg 42, Kane 30 (no box yet)
* waiting on the report from the seed meeting... sigh.
CUP 32 Virginia Tech 14 - the Eagles win one!!
2/18/02 -
Brockway 47  Curwensville 21
Dubois 30  McDowell 43
* It's official. The PIAA lockout is in place. I have been denied press credentials for the State Championships, as has Ben Fiscus of
Gold Medal Rankings. Ben has asked me to relay the following:
"I was wondering if you could let everybody know my postseason schedule for this year. I will have the District 9 brackets posted late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. I will have live updates of Districts on Saturday. I will have the brackets posted for Regionals on Sunday. I will not be doing live updates at Regionals this year due to the fees that PIAA has put on doing live events. It would cost me $100 to do the live updates all weekend. PIAA is getting pretty greedy."
[Ed note: And neither one of us will be posting from Hershey.  Speaking for myself, I will probably not be attending. Sad business.]
2/17/02 -
* box scores posted for
D9 pigtail and Finals - dotting some i's and crossing some t's... trying to get everything finished up before the "big push" into the post-season. Districts info is posted and tentative pairings should be in place by Wed evening. AAA NW Region Info is already in place - AA NW Region Info should go up with the pairings.
* If anybody is aware of missing scores or results,
please notify and we'll try to track them down.
Clearfield JV Tournament
2/16/02 -
Clarion 40  Cameron County 18
Smethport 39  Coudersport 20
2/15/02 -
Redbank 43  Brookville 9
2/14/02 -
Johnsonburg 30  Port Allegany 18
Punxsutawney 57  ACVKU 6
Clearfield 44  Altoona 18
Cieleski voted PSAC Wrestler of the Week!
* Johnsonburg wraps up the
AML title for this year!
* EIGHT TEAMS have closed their regular season.
D9 Standings are posted - will finalize by Sunday.
2/13/02 - HOT new minipoll!! since the AA-AAA faceoff is a dead issue, let's try this for controversy! Should coaches be allowed to "pull" a wrestler off the board in an attempt to get on the other side of the bracket - during the seeding meeting??? What do YOU think? Thumbs up? or Thumbs down?
Bradford 32  Coudersport 24
Brookville 42  Curwensville 18 (no box yet - file is blank)
Smethport 37  Cameron County 30
Clarion 33  Kane 24
* Seeking results:
ACVKU quad - vs Quigley/  vs Elwood City/   vs Laurel (Sat, Feb 8)
    Port Allegany @ Johnsonburg (resched from Jan) (Wed, Feb 12)
* Tourneys posted to the
Open Tournaments page.
2/12/02 - Rumor has it that the Brockway-St. Mary's match scheduled for Wed night has been canceled... Say it ain't SO!! [ed note: Brockway has forfeited this match]
Brockway 52  Dubois 13 (from Jan 24, finally!)
Smethport 33  Eisenhower 42
NHSCA PA Qualifying Tournament w/ Ken Chertow's Camp
Region Rankings are updated again!
* We get mail!
I have really enjoyed your website and as a new A.D., it has been a tremendous tool to prepare for matches and the entire season. I wish ALL D-9 sports were as fortunate as Wrestling to have this amount of coverage. Thank You! Congratulations!
Terry Straub (St. Mary's)

2/11/02 -
D9 Century club! Two in right now - any others??
HOT new minipoll!! Who's your pick in the D9 AA-AAA Challenge of Champions that is up Wed night??? Brockway vs St. Mary's!!!
Redbank 48  Cranberry 12
* all in-season tourneys are completed/ 15 dual meets to occur this week/ clock is ticking down.
* there is a rumor that PIAA will increase the # of qualifiers to the State Duals next year and provide for WrestleOffs for 3rd place.
2/10/02 -
* District Tournament info coming/ referees announced.
2/9/02 -
Cameron Cty 34  Coudersport 33
* Team finals are on TV this afternoon - info at
Brockway 32  Delone Catholic 25 - quarter-finals
Brockway 6  Wilson 50 - semifinals
Pennsbury 36  St. Mary's 24 - quarter-finals
Easton wins AAA title 47-15 over Trinity
Wilson v Bloomsburg in the AA final - no score yet.
Clarion Univ 15 - Edinboro 23, just because we have the scores... sounds like a great match!!
Sharon Quad results - Ridgway 1-2.
2/8/02 -
Brockway 35 Berlin Bros Valley 22 -from the pigtail round of State Duals
Ridgway 58  Kane 15
Redbank 30  Titusville 25
Clearfield 45  Curwensville 15
Port Allegany 42 Bradford 15 (box up 2/12)
Johnsonburg 46  Oswayo Valley 21
2/7/02 -
* MORE Tickets for sale (AAA States)
* Clarion - Brockway match is cancelled - no reschedule.
* Matches rescheduled for Feb 12 - Coudy@Bradford and Port@Jburg
Little Lion Tournament announced - registration form and info HERE.
Middle Atlantic Championships also available HERE.
NWCA files suit in Federal Court over Title IX abuses/ misapplication!
Curwensville 42 Moshannon Valley 28
Bradford 13  Johnsonburg 58
* Kane 60  Oswayo Valley 12
2/6/02 -
* full results from the
Salamanca Tourney
* brackets/ results for the
State Team Tourney
Ridgway 27  Redbank 21
Coudersport 33  Port Allegany 27
* partial scores for the
Penn York Duals (Punxsy results only)
2/5/02 - Clearfield will be hosting a JV tourney on Feb 16. Contact Missy Pollack (AD Sec't) at 814-765-2401 ASAP. There are ten teams already entered; you must commit by Feb 11 to be considered.
2/4/02 -
Punxsutawney 54  Greater Johnstown 12 - an undocumented schedule change (originally for Feb 5)
Port Allegany 38  Bucktail 27
* box scores posted for Clearfield/ St Mary's match at
D9 Championships
2/3/02 -
* D10 Duals Results - team scores only
2/2/02 - the semis of the AA Team Duals should be done as this is being written, and will be posted ASAP... with this posting, the site should be up-to-date on what is in hand, at least. There are only six duals with box scores not reported in.
* Combined
AA/AAA rankings for D10 for those looking ahead to Regions! (Erie News-Times)
* nice preview of the
Salamanca Tourney from the Olean Times-Herald
* Smethport 48  Oswayo Valley 18
* full results from the
Pine-Richland Tourney
* D10 score:
from 2/1/02
Fort LeBoeuf (D10 AA) 77 Iroquois (D10 AA) 0 (12 pins + 1 tech fall)
(Note: Fort LeBoeuf ends regular season with 11-0 record.)
NW Region Rankings are current and updated.
Bradford 30  Kane 38
Johnsonburg 64  Rocky Grove 6
Clearfield 59  Franklin 7
Port Allegany 54  Oswayo Valley 24
Port Allegany 45  ACVKU 17
Brookville 25 Brockway 30
Dubois 6  Bald Eagle Area 62
Clarion 51  Sheffield 24
Kane vs Port Allegany
Clearfield 51  Dubois 6
* Coudersport @ Bradford - postponed for weather
Cameron County 14  Ridgway 58
* St. Mary's vs Curwensville - cancelled
* Oswayo Valley @ Smethport - nothing yet

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