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Recent Postings (in inverted order - newest stuff on top) 12/31/01 -
* Dan Albaugh's
NW Region Rankings are up and posted! AA and AAA
* District 9 Wrestling
minipolls are active on the Front Page.
12/30/01 -
District IX Rankings are updated
Liberty Duals (OV)
Conestoga Valley Holiday Tourney - Lancaster (Clfld)
Gov. Mifflin Tourney (SM); posted 12/31
Line Mountain Tourney (BKV)
Manheim Tourney (Ridg,)
Powerade Tourney (Dub) - results offsite, but detailed!
Redbank Christmas Tourney (ACV, RV, JBG, Coud, Clar, BKW)
Youngsville Tourney (Smeth)
East-West Tournament (Punxsy, Curw)
12/28/01 - Everything you wanted to know about the Redbank Christmas Tourney - complete results. (info was reworked and reloaded afternoon of 12/31)
12/26/01 - Six Tickets for Sale AA/AAA - check details at link provided.
12/25/01 -
Updating some old files:
NWR Returning Placewinners is now correct and accurate (AA only)
* Photo Galleries are now in place for
AA Regions and AAA Regions for 2001
* District IX Returning Placewinners, both
AA and AAA are posted.
12/24/01 - Matt Geer of Brookville died Sat AM. Obituary file linked. RIP.
New York Post article in Women's Wrestling
* Detailed info on the
Redbank Valley Christmas Tourney (BROKEN LINKS FIXED-apologies - ed)
12/23/01 - Sacramento Bee article posted in Women's Wrestling
12/22/01 -
* Clarion 29 @ Cochranton  37
Ridgway  19   St. Mary's 44 (correction at 140/145 posted)
Curwensville 12   Johnsonburg  49
## Check back in the Postings occasionally - when missing box scores come in, I will make a marginal note that they are now available... ed.
* upgrade to
Penns Valley Tourney results posted.
12/21/01 -
Curwensville 51  Kane 23  BOX POSTED 12/22
Altoona 47   DuBois 20  BOX POSTED 12/22
Brockway 43   Smethport 21 BOX POSTED 12/22
Clearfield  21  BEA 36
ACVKU 26  Bucktail  42
* COMPLETE results from the
Penn-Cambria Tourney
* Additional article on the
McDowell Tourney - Brockway/ St. Mary's BOTH impressive!!
12/20/01 - Johnsonburg wrestles on Friday, January 18. That means that all teams participating in the Mid-Season Classic will receive 3 pounds instead of two.
Eisenhower  48 Coudersport  22
Redbank  22  St. Mary's  31
* Clearfield 63 @ Punxsy 3
Oswayo Valley 25 @ Cameron County 32
* Bradford @ Warren - dual was cencelled; Bradford entered Warren Tourney in its place.
Brockway 36 @ Johnsonburg 24  BOX POSTED 1/01/02
ACVKU 46  N Cambria 9
Port Allegany 45 @ Sheffield 27   BOX posted 1/22/02
12/15/01 - Bucktail 45 OV 18
Williamson 59  OV  6
Brookville  17 Philipsburg  34
Jamestown Tourney (Dub, Ridg) story/ finals results. team scores posted 12/19/01
McDowell Tourney (SM, BKW) story/ scores posted 11/19/01
Penn Cambria Tourney (Punx) story, POSTED 11/19/01
Richmond Invitational (RV) scores/ story
Springville Tourney (K) Kane 8th, Box POSTED 12/19/01
Warren Tournament (Brad, PA, Coud, CC) Results/ scores/ story
Clarion Jr High Tourney Posted - 12/19/01
12/14/01 - Kane 32  Rocky Grove 30
Kane  14  Eisenhower  52 - BOX POSTED 12/22
Cameron County  21 Brockway  43 - Box posted 12/15
Clarion  24  Brookville  42 - story and box
Punxsy 40 Curwensville 24 - Box posted 12/15
ACVKU 16  Rocky Grove  58 - story and box
* new story in
Women's Wrestling - from Iowa
12/12/01 - Major upgrade of the PJW pages; info on this year's tourneys; links to 98, 99, 00, and 01 tourneys as well!
Clearfield 54 Bradford 12
Curwensville 37, Marion Center 27
State College 59 Dubois 9
Punxsy Youth Tourney listed
12/11/01 - working links for a number of sites listed on the front page have been tracked down: The National Federation, PAWF, FILA, PCN Match of the Week, St. Mary's site, and the Port Allegany site
12/10/01 - Penns Valley Tourney - J'burg champs; Iorfido OW - COMPLETE SCORES posted on 12/22
Ironman results; Brookville 15th
Portville, NY results; PA 1st, OV 7th
Eisenhower Tournament - St. Mary's champs
Rocky Grove Tourney - ACVKU 7th
* Results of ALL In-Season Tourneys tracked at
D IX Tourneys
Redbank 43 Johnsonburg 16
12/9/01 - Penns Manor Tourney results; Clearfield 2nd
* lengthy story posted on the CUP-PSU match last night. I have never been accused of being brief.
* Full roster posted for Oswayo Valley, including their Otto-Eldred co-op members.
* changes in coaching staff/ admin for St. Mary's listed
* some discussion taking place about alumni listings. Who decides. etc? Basically, info is posted as it becomes available. If your program has significant alums that you would like to see info posted on, please send it in and it will get posted. We can't post what we don't have. There have been a SLEW of great kids come through our programs, some of whom went on to wrestle in college, some went on to do other great things! We all play "I wonder what ever happened to ### ?" Let us know, if YOU know!
District IX Trivia is posted - compiled by Bob Imhof of Ridgway. More facts than you would have thought possible. Going WAY back. And yes, the columns and such are a mess, but it will take TIME to clean them up. Am posting as is in the meantime. Anyone who wants to download the file, clean up the columns and send it back for reposting - you will have the undying gratitude of multitudes of fans.
* Also posted the
Ridgway History file, also by Bob Imhof.
12/8/01 - St. Mary's roster in place
Clarion Univ -WVU dual story sent in. Clarion-PSU TONIGHT @ Clarion!
Redbank 52 Curwensville 15
St. Mary's 53 Cameron County 15
* still missing a roster/ lineup for Johnsonburg; all others have at least a starting lineup
Punxsy 36 Central Cambria 31
12/7/01 - Brockway 59 ACVKU 3, story from The Derrick
Smethport 33 Kane 26
Johnsonburg 38 Sheffield 30 Box up 12/8; 10 PM
Bradford 27 Eisenhower 35
WDBA out of Dubois will be broadcasting Districts and Regions again this year (at least)
* Nice
Pre-Season Report on the AML from the Olean Times-Herald.
12/6/01 - Preseason reports on ACVKU and Redbank, courtesy of The Derrick
Rosters in place for Redbank, Punxsutawney and Clarion; all rosters in but five.
Port Allegany 28 vs Ridgway 42
* partial rosters (lineups) in place for Ridgway and Port Allegany
* Brockway 60, Kane 3; no box yet.
* Clarion Area Boosters have 20 AAA tickets for sale.
Wellsboro 40   Coudersport 19
* Eric Knapp, one of our supporters/ source of MUCH data has offered some excellent suggestions for organizing that mess I refer to as the
Table O' Links. Putting those into effect, you should find the front page much easier to work with. Further suggestions are always welcome. And YES, all the links for Districts, Regions, and States ALL go to the same place. Post-Season-Info is "Under Construction" as they say, but you should still have access to the data in the meantime.
* Three more entries to the
D9 Alumni List: Randy Stout, Warren Stout, and Ben Darr.
12/4/01 - Results in on the Mountaineer Tourney and Slippery Rock 36 - ACVKU 30
* There is a kinda-sorta
roster for ACVKU posted based on their lineup for the SR match; not complete.
* nice story on
Clarion Area: Randy Cathcart nominated for PWCA Hall of Fame this year!!
12/3/01 - Kane roster is in place. Waiting on results of the Mountaineer tourney.
11/30/01 - Additional info on the Port JH tourney posted (link below)
* Info on the Fitch twins from Ridgway on the
Alumni List
* EGG ON MY FACE department
>> I just found the results from the
Area V tourney and the Area V placements at States - better late than never, I suppose. will try to do better next year. Thanks to Bob Peters for sending these.
* Roster and admin/ coaching changes sent in by
* watch those calendars - minor schedule changes keep coming in.
11/29/01 - Port Allegany needs three more teams for a JH tourney
Brookville roster is up.
* Four sets of AA and AAA tickets available in the
D9 Ticket Exchange.
* Couple more names added to the
Alumni list; If anybody knows of others, please send them in!
Cameron County roster is up!
11/27/01 - Six AA tickets in section 25 for Hershey, 2002 are up for grabs. See the D9 Ticket Exchange.
Bradford has their roster in - thanks, Coach Degolier!
11/25/01 - I definitely have rosters for Brockway, Coudersport, Smethport, Dubois, and Clearfield. Schools should be firming up eligibility lists at this point, so there should be at least a tentative roster available. Send 'em in and I'll post 'em up! On many team pages, I "moved up" the roster from last season, but that is probably inaccurate - to say the least. If there is no roster posted - or what I do have posted is inaccurate, please write and give me updates/ corrections!
* New items posted about
Erin Tomeo and Sara MacMann
11/21/01 - Brookville announces a new page just for the Ultimate Duals
Warren is looking for two teams for a Dec 14/15 tourney (16 teams) - info at link.
* great write-up on the
Lehigh - Lock Haven dual; D9 alumni featured!
* comprehensive
list of D9 Alumni currently wrestling in college!
* great set of links for the upcoming
Worlds in Sofia, Bulgaria!
* info on
CUP's plans to Webcast many of their home matches this year!!
11/18/01 - District IX pre-season Rankings are up.
* Rosters are starting to come in as well.
* Kyle Cathcart signs letter of intent to wrestle at PSU; may play football as well.
11/16/01 - Johnsonburg schedule is in and posted. We are complete for the season, except for the minor changes that naturally occur.
11/14/01 - Kane is dropping the Olean Tourney to correct their season points. Now need two duals to fill their schedule. Willing to travel.
11/13/01 - Curwensville schedule is in place. May add some tournaments
11/9/01 - the Redbank Christmas Tournament is Dec 28/ 29 - there is a popular misconception that it is the 27/ 28. I have corrected it on team schedules where I have noticed it; if I miss one, let me know.
11/7/01 - only Johnsonburg and Curwensville remain w/o schedules.
Discussion of rules changes posted. PA is NOT adopting the no-leaving-the-weigh-in-area rule.
* The draw for starting weight is by mutual agreement of both coaches, just like last year.
11/6/01 - Rules interp meeting was held last night in Brockway. Schedules were hand delivered by Smethport, ACVKU, and Brockway and added to the calendars. (17/19 schools in place)
11/4/01 - Brookville Duals expands to ten teams: Brockway, Ridgway, Reynolds, Maplewood, Burrell, Mifflinburg, Hughesville, Brandywine Heights, Juniata - and, course, Brookville.
News Items posted below
11/2/01 - Punxsutawney and St. Mary's schedules are in place!
10/30/01 - Dubois schedule/ roster is up
10/24/01 - Bradford schedule is in, new coaching staff.
* new
D6 site is online.
10/23/01 - Brookville and Ridgway have schedules in place.
* new coach at Bradford.
MATT DEGOLIER takes over this year.
10/18/01 - Cameron County has a schedule up/ coaching & admin changes.
10/16/01 - Oswayo Valley has a schedule up; they also announce a jointure with Otto Eldred!
* Eight teams have schedules posted so far! Excellent!
10/15/01 - Clarion and Coudersport schedules are up! (and a roster from Coudy!)
10/12/01 - Port Allegany has their schedule up!
10/11/01 - Sharon cancels PAWF tourney - Redbank picks it up! Sunday, Oct 21!!
10/6/01 - Sharon announces a Takedown Tournament. This is NOT a web page - it just takes you to a scanned picture of the announcement. Use your BACK button to return here. Sun, Oct 21 - all ages, first grade to seniors.
Clearfield schedule received and posted. (Thanks, Peggy!!)
* all calendar pages updated with schedules received so far.
10/2/01 - Kane and Redbank have their schedules posted! thanks, guys!
9/19/01 - Clearfield announces Jan Elementary Tournament (17th Annual).
9/18/01 - State College announces their pre-season Tourney
8/26/01 - posted a link to Reversal: The Movie. New movie about amateur wrestling that is supposed to be great! In theaters now.
* The 01-02 calendars are in preparation; anybody who HAS a schedule put together and can send it to me NOW will help tremendously in getting this set up for the season!
* I will be "tearing down" this page and moving it to
OLD NEWS soon. If there's anything on here that you want, don't panic - it will still be available. [DONE 9/30]
6/30/01 - Some new features added to the Front Page - including links to eBay and - great commercial sites! Guestbook has been updated and is back on line.
Team pages have been cleared and reset for the new season. Which means new schedules and rosters as soon as possible!
6/24/01 - Clearfield announces the 3rd Annual Fall Brawl - JH and SH eligible this year!
* time to start updating links and setting up for the new season!
6/12/01 - There has been precious little posted on the site, but there has been a
LOT of activity here by way of the Yahoogroups Maillist. The link to subscribe is on the front page - and if you would like to read the back mail, simply go to
YahooGroups, and search for D9Wrestling. Even without a membership (which is free if you want) you should be able to get in as a Guest and read all the back mail - there has been a ton of interesting stuff - UC Davis sacking a successful coach, Dan Gable maybe running for governor of Iowa! - and more.
5/8/01 - Guestbook is back on line!!

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